Sunday, July 02, 2006

sick, happy, lazy

im seriously sick..wonder if those medicine made me worse..never ever trust doctors...not safe afterall..i remember i have lots to post here i forgot what.oh yeah..i haven dog has a lover already..two days back two male dogs came to find her..we shoo them away..and later 1 came..namely Mr Brown(given by my mum cause it's brown) looks very like my dog..when we on the light..suddenly we saw my dog and Mr Brown looking at each other face to face and eye to close..then we shooed him again..and there he came again not long later..guess we can't stop them..last night my dog was waiting for Mr Brown the whole night at the gate..poor dogs turned up..she must be so dissapointed..that's my dog's love

i just discovered nick chung's website..after so long now only i know he has a site..i saved lots of pictures from there..still not's copyright protected but i still manage to save them..hehe..and JJ was in genting i wish i could go for his concert..

i think i'll stop here for today..haven't even done my english essay..and again,it's because i'm lazy..