Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cross country

i think it's been about a week since i last posted here..too lazy and busy nowadays..especially with the new school timetable which is worse than before..only friday we get to relax so much..some were "rotting", some dying of boredom, and the MIC's form a group and chit chat too..shows how free we were yesterday..took part in cross country this morning..or i should say"cross city"..4.5km and that is like so far.there were two checkpoints..and when we arrive at the checkpoints,we were given a prove we reached there i think...surprisingly i managed to complete the run within 30minutes..maybe 25minutes..but too bad prize for least i earned 1 miserable point for my miserable house =p the prize giving ceremony was great too though red house hardly won anything.... there were lucky draws luck for me..352..not a good number..i know i have a lot to type here but can't think of it now..may add in that's all for to have some sleep before tuition..zzZZzzzz