Friday, April 28, 2006


finally i can online again..don't know what happen to the line when i came back from kl last wednesday.maybe got stroke by thunder..haven't been online for about 12 days!! lol.i think break record already for this year..anyway it's good i can't online too..don't really have time to online..been so stressful since last week..first moral project and this week flooded with add maths's like never ending homework..before i can finish the exercise, teacher gave new exercises..aih..add maths is driving me is also the last day for the two practical teachers who teach me BM and maths..sure gonna miss them though they're not very good..rangers test tomorrow..haven't study at all..not even a word..then 7th coy enrolment..under the hot sun guess dis post is in a i'll stop here for now..