Wednesday, December 09, 2009

declaration of freedom 2009...

exams are finally over, once again.. hard to believe but it's true and i'm so glad it's over.. i'm not sure how well i did.. how sufficient it was for me to pass but at least there's a hope for me to cling on to.. one thing for sure, GOD IS AWESOME ! i felt so helpless this morning.. my head felt empty, couldn't seem to recall anything and i kept praying for His help.. His strength and peace.. it didn't turn out so bad afterall.. not really good but better than i thought it would be.. at least i wasn't clueless..

anyway, forget about exams and it's the time of the year again! the short stress-free break which i get only twice a year.. which means, completely no-studying break cause there's nothing to study.. my mind feels so occupied right now.. anything but studies.. so much to do yet so little time.. i shall list out the upcoming tasks and events for the month of december here :

- preparation of name tags for youth camp
- search for presentation ideas for youth camp
- tidy up my messy room
- 9th - watch 2012
- 10th - out with friends
- 12th - bukit merah
- 13th to 15th - YOUTH CAMP
- 17th - college's scholastic day
- 18th - christmas pot bless
- 19th - college open day - carwash
- christmas choir rehearsal/practice

- 20th - bbq night ( maybe..still pending.. )
- 21st - malaysian studies final exam
- 22nd - going down to seremban to visit grandma
- 23rd - KL
- 24th - choir presentation in heritage hotel..
- 25th - CHRISTMAS
- 26th - coconut shell cave
- bbq with church friends
- 29th - night market
- 30th - badminton
- steamboat
- 31st - watch avatar
- watchnight service in church

guess that's about it for the time being...looks pretty packed and i'm sure there are more to come.. and my precious break will soon be gone..

i can finally have fun with no guilt at all!!

ALL THE BEST to all who are still facing or facing their giants soon !!! with GOD, ALL things are POSSIBLE =)

i came across this beautiful verse today :

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for i will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. - Psalm 42:11 -

that's all for now..till then!


Jean said...

as long as you've done your best

A smile from SJ =)