Tuesday, June 01, 2010

it's getting heavier....

it's the first of june.. it's the best of time, also the worst of time..

what have i got myself into?? what do i do now?? i don't know if this is what God wants me to do.. it was just too sudden.. in the midst of the exam tense which i'm going through.. if it is God's will for me, i'll definitely go for it.. i need the assurance..

my head feels so heavy right now..almost at the verge of explosion.. so tensed up.. not just because exams are near.. for the first time throughout my college life, i don't feel sick of studying yet.. you know why? coz i really haven't studied much and nobody would believe me for that.. been so lazy as well as busy with a lot of other stuffs..

and it's also one of the rare times which i actually logged in to blogspot before facebook.. there's just too many things going in my head that i need to pour it all out.. this is what my blog is for..

guess that's all for now. till then !

God, i need You...


Annah said...

Hope your exams went well. God I hated those days. Hence why I'm so apprehensive about going back to school. Ugh!