Thursday, January 20, 2011

that was close....

after haven't really been driving for about 20 days since youth camp, i finally got my car back last tuesday..i mean my dad's car which i'm allowed to drive.. i don't own one.. feels good to be able to drive around on my own again.. it's so much more convenient to drive to college rather than depending on my dad or friends..

and guess what? i met with a really close accident yesterday.. i was on the way home and a kancil came out from the left.. it's like a junction, but not a junction.. the cars are supposed to come out only when it's clear.. that car came out in front of me when it shouldn't have so i slowed down to give way without expecting it to stop all of a sudden... i couldn't brake in time but managed to avoid the bang by steering to the right..

immediately i realised it was God's protection that nothing happened.. thank God the right lane was quite clear for me to avoid that car.. and i realised i forgot to pray, again.. i kept thanking God on the way home after that incident.. thank God for bringing me home safely !! i would be really traumatised to experience another accident again..

watched 'Gulliver's Travel' with my dad just now.. it was not bad..good for a good laugh.. simple storyline.. it wouldn't be good if jack black's not gulliver..

oh yes, i've finished reading the novel i've mentioned before 'A Friend Like Henry' within a month and a week.. that's an achievement for me.. i think it's the fastest i've ever finished a novel in the past few years.. and it's the first book i've ever teared far as i can remember.. and i've added the author, Nuala Gardner and her son, whom she wrote about, Dale on facebook.. feels pretty weird to be able to add the characters i read from the book for real! it's a non-fiction book by the way.. weird but cool...

guess that's all for now.. class at 10am tomorrow.. i better get enough sleep to avoid day dreaming in class.. till then ! =)

p/s. mom, i've updated =p hehe...


sapphire blu said...

Read your post and once again we thank God for his full protection.

I have not read "The Saddest Girl In the World" just yet. Stopped at page 5 since December 23, 2011.

Tell you what happened this morning:

Hot sunny day on January 21, 2011

Went marketing just now and bought 3 fishes: 2 bawal and 1 siakap. Steam steam and steam fish again.

After that we went for breakfast at a hawker shop nearby. Wanted so much to eat Mi Kampua but oops the stall cuti cuti Malaysia. So we passed by a stall"Hong Kong Bak Cafe" name only nice but actually is just a small hawker stall,which have so called quite a variety of noodles but I chose Mee Sua. Waited for quite sometime and at last a lady brought me the mee sua. How much we ask.. what....?????? I couldn't believe my ears when she said RM7.00. So expensive leh for just a tiny bowl of mee sua with some fish balls and a few strips of green vege. Oh my... this is the most expensive bowl of mee sua I have ever eaten throughout my life from a hawker stall. Maybe the fishballs were made of precious stones and the mee sua from gold thread. Oh yea the stall is located opposite Stutong Wet Market.Will never go to that stall again even if all the shops are closed on that day.

Paid so much for just a meal from a hawker stall. Still not satisfied over what happened this morning. To balance the cash flow for today I had cintan noodle for lunch.

End off with a sunny day.