Friday, January 13, 2012

San Francisco Steakhouse

My friends and I decided to have lunch in San Francisco Steakhouse on Wednesday after a game of badminton. Yeah, so our effort of trying to lose some fats was kinda burnt off after the meal. The last time which was my first time eating in San Francisco was in Midvalley about a decade ago when dad's friend spent us. It wasn't a good experience though. I remember eating the big portion of steak meal till my siblings and I felt like throwing out!! How blessed we are to have food overload in a classy restaurant like that. We've never eaten there since then.

This time, Yan Lin wanted to try the set lunch there so we went for it.


The business there ain't that good when we went..

RM16.90 for a drink, starter and main course. 4 types of starter to choose from and 4 types of main course as well.

Complementary bread and butter

Salad with thousand island sauce.

Fried onion rings.

Joyce's beef stew with mashed potato.

Grilled white fish. I had this..

The food was just okay overall. Fish was kinda salty and the sauce didn't go so well with it but the texture of the fish was satisfying. Portion was quite worth the money, I think. I was expecting smaller portions. Anyway, I don't think I would go back for the same food again. Oh yeah, it was super filling too!!! I couldn't finish the fries myself. We got our parking fee waived off for eating there too.

Had a good time eating and catching up with friends.

Guess that's all about my second time eating in San Francisco Steakhouse.
Till then!