Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just Some Stuffs Bout My Life

erm..i haven't been blogging for more than 10 days..couldn't online..don't know what happen to the streamyx line..maybe it fell "sick".when i really need to find some information for some assignments and i can't online for the past week..finally i can online today..don't really know what i wanna write here..maybe too long didn't blog already..haha..i'll try to make this post as long as should i start this?humm..what happen today?oh yeah..this morning i woke up and i looked at my phone..and i thought i saw that it was already 5.55am..kind of late i quickly went to have a shower..when i came out..i was only 5.06am!!imagine..i actually woke up at silly.not the first time though..last saturday i even thought i was late for school when it was a holiday..funny right?no tuition a lil bit more relaxing..hehe.. in school..kind of fun during chemistry was the 1st time our chemistry teacher uses a laptop..the way he act when he used a laptop was funny..don't really like bm lessons..the trainee teacher is always hiding behind the class and teach..more and more projects teachers are giving..i rather have lots of homework than those troublesome projects..muscles aching after playing ping pong in school yesterday..muscles ache not because i'm so good at playing it..i'm a real beginner and i was busy chasing and stopping the ping ball from bouncing away most of the time rather than playing i'll be able to play much better in the meetings to come..practice makes perfect=)..used to join badminton last just wanna try joining ping pong this year..sore throat's almost gone and here comes cough..not much difference..both equally i guess that's all for now..nothing much to write..full of craps here...wonder if anyone would bother reading the way..backstreet boys are in singapore today!!i'm supposed to be i wish..if only i am


Anonymous said...

kinda like to read ur blog today. Had a real bad headache before onlining but after getting to your it really make my day.