Friday, August 29, 2008

game addiction...

i'm currently addicted to GAMES...heard of this game called "hexic" ? off and on i have this addiction towards it..i have it in my phone too..hehe..the main objective is to make as many stars as possible and try to form a black makes my phone battery "kong" very fast though so i played it on msn website yesterday...and i finally managed to form a black pearl..!!! here are some pictures of the process in making it..hehe..

to make a star, u need to surround 1 hexic with 6 hexic with the same colour (like a flower)
and to make a black pearl, u need to form a flower with the's not easy to position it like dat.and i'm on the way to form the flower..when three join together in a triangle shape, it'll explode to gain points so it'll be a waste though there are points...

and there!! see the black colour hexic at the bottom?? it's called black pearl..hehe..this is only the second time i made it...*so proud* =p
then i wanted to form another black pearl with the other stars cause to win the game, you need to join 3 black pearls dad did it once some time ago..

there comes a bomb!!! ( the green bomb in the center with the number '1' ) i'm given 8 moves before the bomb explodes and within the 8 moves i'm supposed to join it with 2 other hexic of the same colour but i failed so there it goes...'s getting bigger...

BOOM!!! that's it..GAME OVER....nevermind..i had a black pearl though..hehe
interesting?if you like puzzle game..try it :
then i tried cake mania 2.. looks simple but not an easy game as the game goes on...drives me crazy at one point till i gave
my mum sent me this picture of the 5 olympic mascots...they're just too adorable i wish i could go to beijing and snap a picture with all of them but iknow it won't happen..olumpics ended anyway...

but i still love them =)
p/s. sorry if i bore you with this post if you're not interested about it..thanks for scrolling through anyway..hehe..
till then!


pismayka said...

hey the game sounds so interesting but it sounds so geng man eunice!! haha 1 day i shall try playing when my brain needs stimulation. haha. n' no ur post wasn't boring!!interesting n' amusing =)

take care. will always remember u in prayers.

~ur s.i.c~