Tuesday, August 26, 2008

it's august 26th!!!!

before the clock strikes 12, i would like to dedicate this post to a close friend of mine..

18 years ago, a baby girl named caryn was borned..and so she turns 18 today...

a pretty proud august baby she is..

this is like the first time in 6 years i didn't see you near or on your birthday right?hmmm..then suddenly i remembered, 1 year ago this picture was taken -

feels as though it was taken only yesterday...how time really flies...this picture was captured during caryn's birthday party last year and it was really near trials but still we made it and even watched secret..lol..those were the days..

i actually "lost" yesterday..or i mean this morning..haha..nevermind, next year =)

you've been a really great friend to me and i'm always willing to lend you a helping hand whenever i can because friendship is not valued by which side earns more from the other..i truly cherish our 6 years of friendship..

you must be really busy celebrating ur entrance into the often said legal age since u're nto online..lol..hope u had a great day !!


p/s. you still owe me your sweet sixteen party's pictures right??haha..i'm still waiting...