Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nick Chung at Ipoh Breeze Cafe...(dreams REALLY come true..)

7th September 2008 (a delayed post)...hehe..i've finally met NICK CHUNG again!!! he rarely comes to ipoh so no matter what i must go and support him that day at breeze cafe..truthfully, i didn't even know such cafe existed till i had to look at the google earth excited as i was, i packed everything i wanted him to sign.anyway, it was scheduled that he'll be coming at 9.30 pm so i left home at about 8.30pm.

my sister accompanied me there since it was so late and i had no idea how the atmosphere would be there at night..crowded??stuffy??a lot of people clubbing?? it was in fact the opposite..i reached there at about 8.50pm and i was really worried that i was late and couldn't get a good place with good view..someone approached us at the entrance and i asked for a place closest to the stage where NICK was going to perform then they showed me a table..somewhere in the middle but maybe not too bad..(i was actually disappointed that the palces were i wished i could just stand in front of the stage to capture perfect pictures..

before we sat at the pointed place, the waiter said "i'm sorry, that place is already booked by someone you mind sitting there?".."there" referred to another table closest to the stage..and i was like, SURE i don't mind!!! (but i sort of hid my happiness..just incase..)..i really felt that this place was reserved for me..God knew i wanted the best spot so i guess He reserved the place for me..God provides even when i didn't really ask for it..

forgot to snap a picture of the's what we ordered to avoid being "shoo-ed" by the workers honey lemon which cost me RM5 per glass...RM5.50 to be exact..not cheap but not too expensive least lasted me till the end of the event..

it didn't really look like this..haha..before it was stirred..

back to the atmosphere, the weather was so fine, windy, cooling as we sat different compared to standing among the crowd waiting for your favourite singer to appear..not long later, one of nick's fanclub member's the first time we actually met up..yay!! at least got a fan of him to enjoy the event with me..her name's jasmine..a pretty young and cute girl..

then i wanted to test my camera to see which mode suits best so i captured this..

a really tiny stage isn't it?? they were singing before NICK came..and the red shirt guy thought i was interested in taking their pictures so he said "must get ready first, let us pose a peace sign..." just laughed thinking, " i'm just testing my camera "..haha

the empty tiny stage awaiting NICK...he appeared from the carpark door and entered breeze cafe but i was too busy checking my camera so i only saw the manager, sis saw NICK instead..i thought he would perform at 9.30pm but i was wrong..he went in breeze cafe until about nearly 10pm only appeared...

nicely done by jasmine to be presented to NICK...i can't really remember what it says it..haha

the long awaited moment finally came..NICK came out and sang his new song "Xie Xie Ni"

i had the best seat but still it wasn't good enough to capture good pictures because it was quite dark..

so i recorded his performance instead, since video can record clearer further..will post the videos in a separate post when i've uploaded all of it on youtube..


Zhong Sheng Zhong...

then he sang another new song "Qin Ai De Ni Zai Na Li"..then a song from his previous album, "Lao Hai Gui" written by lin yu zhong..somewhere in the middle when he was singing lao hai gui, people started blocking me and more and more people stood at the steps of the stage to snap pictures...

so of course, i did the same after so many did...even better..hehe..

yes!! a much more close up picture..

and another...


looks almost the same..

i kept missing the shot when he looked at my camera..argh...

lol..NICK looking at someone else's camera...his eyes are really good at searching for cameras and allowing people to snap a good picture of him but as i said, i'm a bad photographer so i missed it each time he looked and smiled =(

almost there...

finally a picture which he was kinda looking at my camera...whee...!!

he also sang "Tu Bian", "Peng You Chu Qu Zhou Zhou" and leehom's "Ai Ni Jiu Deng Yu Ai Zi Ji"..i recorded all the songs but somehow the last one was missing, i don't know why..maybe i accidentally deleted it..what a was an acoustic version..played by alex (someone), live!!

i'm really glad he sang SO many songs despite the limited time he had..

autograph session...

NICK talking to jasmine...

then it was my turn..gosh i had so much for him to sign..3 posters, 3 albums and a vcd, and the photo i snapped with him last year..

as he was signing this photo...he suddenly said "oh, wo ji de ni la.." means i remember you...and i was like, "ji de ah??haha.."..he laughed was recorded by my sister too..funny though..but come to think of it, i should have asked him more questions like, "really? did i give you a shock" and so on but it's too late..anyway, i chose to keep the video P&C so if you wanna see it, come to my house and i'll consider about it..

sign sign sign...then a picture..!!hehe..

more and more people started buying his albums and let him sign after that..this shows his live performance is really good and effective till many people were attracted to buy his albums..i bought the mv dvd since that's like the only 1 i haven't bought and it's hard to find anywhere now..then i went for a second round for his autograph..

my sister suggested i let him sign on the cd itself too so i did and i brought all the bookmarks given in his album to him to be signed..he's seriously one superbly patient artist with a very patient manager as well..he could sign as many autographs as you want till you feel guilty about it for holding the queue for so long and his manager, alvin wouldn't mind at all unlike some who would say "er, no you can't let him sign this part...that part...not the postcard..bookmark..etc.." he really has a caring manager..why didn't i grab the opportunity to NICK more??

then we had another picture together...hehe..

peace..! but i think i still prefer last year's picture...hehe..

few minutes before he left..everyone grabbed the opportunity to snap a picture with him..the one on his right is alex if i'm not mistaken...a good guitarist..

a picture with NICK and jasmine...if only we could have a bigger group picture but i'm satisfied too..hehe

yeah.. NICK left..jasmine and i had a picture together..a new friend found!!hehe

so that was the end of the event that night..ended at about 11pm or i wish it lasted longer..

came home excited about everything..started laying all my collection of NICK CHUNG and snapped pictures of it..

the latest poster...can you see the autograph at the bottom right corner??i really wanted my name to be written on it but a bit troublesome cause i asked for too many!!haha..

spot the black marker ink at the bottom right corner..

my full collection of NICK CHUNG's proud of it..hehe..every piece signed except for the 2 bookmarks which were laminated last year cause i didn't know when i would meet him on the picture for larger view..

a clearer view of all the albums.. and bookmarks on the right..

see the cd??it's signed..!hehe..

if only he signed the posters and albums with a silver would have looked nicer but nevermind..i should be thankful that i got to meet my favourite singer once again!!

i'll post the videos on my next post so check it out later...

3 cheers to NICK ZHONG SHENG ZHONG for the great performance that night!!

if you don't know about me meeting NICK last's a link to that post..
scroll all the way down and you'll see it..

p/s. sorry, this post is meant to be LLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG.....

till then!!