Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nick Chung's latest album - Cherish My Love

Nick Chung
钟盛忠 's new album titled Cherish My Love was released on August 17th, 2008..this is definitely a must buy album!! it's a compilation album which consists of 3 new songs and 12 selected songs from previous's the list of tracks in this album :


1. 親愛的你在哪裡 ( 情人愛 ) [Qin Ai De Ni Zai Na Li]
2. 謝謝你 ( 朋友愛 ) [Xie Xie Ni]
3. 我很認真 ( 生命愛 ) [ Wo Hen Ren Zhen ]
4. 突變 [ Tu Bian ]
5. 老海龜 [ Lao Hai Gui ]
6. Can U C Me ?
7. 坦白 [Tan Bai ]
8. 發生什麼事 [Fa Sheng Shen Me Shi ]
9. 朋友出去走走 [Peng You Chu Qu Zhou Zhou ]
10. 經典 [ Qing Dian ]
11. 紫藍色天 [Zi Lan Tian Se ]
12. 愛有靈犀 [ Ai You Ling Xi ]
13. 在你左右 [ Zai Ni Zhuo You ]
14. 風鈴 [ Feng Ling ]
15. One For You One For Me ( On 時尚眼鏡主題曲 )

the first 3 songs are the new songs and are really meaningful..

inside the album consists of a booklet with pictures and lyrics and 2 beautiful bookmarks..

behind the cd box and inside the booklet...

this is the.....5th album i bought of his yet it's only my second poster..all because ipoh seldom get the poster stock so this time i waited till i went to penang and searched high and low for cd outlets which sell his album with the poster given..i first went to queensbay mall but the cd outlets i went didn't seem to know the existence of his new album...then the next day i went to prangin mall and gurney's either, only 1 cd left or out of stock!! but no posters were given eitehr..funny isn't it?first no one seem to know about his new moment, it's sold out..

in the end, my mum helped me find out in a cd outlet in ipoh parade and was told that it's available with poster..problem solved!! near yet so far..i didn't know they would have it..haha..after searching high and low in penang, i came back here to buy...LOL...

anyway, this album is really worth buying cause it costs only rm29.90 with discounts given depending on where you're buying it and guess what? nick's coming to ipoh breeze cafe on sunday night at 9.30pm!! finally he's here for his album promo unlike the last time where i could just keep my fingers crossed to have a picture with him and get his autographs..there's confirm an autograph session this time!

the album and the poster as well...

if you're interested, go to ipoh breeze cafe on sunday night at 9.30pm.. ( it's just near mgs and the star office )...

that's all for now..till then!

p/s. i don't really like posting so many updates in such a short period of time..but this i must really post is surely gonna be a LONG one cause i'm gonna meet nick this sunday!!! sorry for the long updates...


pismayka said...

nice pics!!!! looking at d pics....i wonder...will i ever get a chance to take a pic with kwon sang woo? haha.