Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i'm FReeeeeEEEEEeeeeEE...!!!

it's finally over.. yes! exams are over and i can finally enjoy temporary freedom once again.. i can finally let my hair down and just enjoy life to the fullest without guilt, burdenless-pictures of my notes and text books in my shall be removed for now..

it ended with a sigh though.. because the last paper today was seriously tough yet it was actually the thinnest set of question paper compared to the other 3.. and my confidence level to pass dropped the moment i flipped through the paper..i really hope i'll wouldn't be worth retaking..anyway, enough said.. i'm still glad it's over..

with a huge relief, i put aside all the notes and books back into the more lying around on the floor and table..they shall be collecting dust from now on..i hope none of it needs to refered to anymore..

i'm really really happy that it's finally's hard to believe that it's over though..after carrying this heavy burden for 2 months..(doesn't mean i've studied hard throughout the whole of 2 months )..and, never will i take 4 papers in a semester again...i hope so..cause it's really torturing by the time i reached the final paper which also happened to be the meanest paper..

and you know what? i'll be free until june 28th!! so ask me out anytime you long as nothing's up, i'll come =) no more study excuses from me..i know some of you have been hearing dat excuse from me for quite a number of times when you asked me out but it feels terrible to decline an outing be it, movie, jogging, pasar malam, lunch, dinner or just lepak-ing..gosh..if only the timing was right..

i hope i'll fully utilise this long awaited official break which occurs once in 6 months.. and i believe i will cause anything's better than studying for exam..

this is getting too till then !

Cast all you anxieties on Him because He cares for you
( 1 Peter 5:7 )

p/s. mission on the list : learn and master rubik cube =)