Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the last "teen"-age of mine....

not just another year, but another year...wiser?? haha..i don't know.. it's my last -teenth birthday.. it's really unbelievable..just too fast..i've been on earth for almost 2decades already.. gotta cherish every moment of the year and it's the last year which i can boast about being a teenager of "teen"-age? haha..cause i consider 20 as still a teenager =p

just so hard to believe but at the same time, i'm really grateful for it's by God's grace that i am able to live on.. i've just read that, life on earth is just a preparation for eternity, like a dress rehearsal..

anyway, i really don't know what to write already.. i feel so happy and blessed to receive all the wonderful birthday wishes on facebook, msn, sms-es and know, it feels so great that once a year, each time your phone rings, it's from a different person.. sending you thoughtful wishes.. eventhough some rarely contact me or it's just a hi-bye conversation each time..i feel so glad that at least they remember or bother wishing me if they were just merely reminded by someone or something.. it's really the thought that counts..

no pictures of my presents cause i'm too lazy to snap one..

cute isn't it?? thanks sis !!!

and some beautiful cupcakes from my sister too..i love the box.. =)

they attracted a lot of ants in the fridge now..hehe

can you see what's this?? LOL..incase you can't, it's chocolate balls..

strawberries for the cake...

chocolate moist cake specially baked by ps jenny and beautifully decorated by my sister...

count the candles..this birthday cake has the most candles ever in my entire life.. lighting up every single candle was no joke!

oh yeah, any celebrations you asked?? i stayed home practically the whole day and went out for dinner with my family and that's actually good enough =) any birthday wish??well, i really couldn't think of any and blew off the candles wish-less..i don't really believe in birthday wishes anyway..

that's all for now..till then!

p/s. live every day to the fullest as if it's the last day of your life...


karina :) said...

wow nice cake! hehe n nice present from ur sis too... cool..glad u had a wonderful bday :)