Monday, October 05, 2009

facts of life in the college's library..

in the library..

the day you switch the chairs to get a comfortable seat at a comfortable spot is the day the guard steps in and scolds you for doing so..

the day you forget to bring your student card into the library is the day the guard comes in to check for it..

the moment you rock the chair on two legs is the moment someone steps in and yells at you for doing it..whereas you've been sitting properly for the past one hour..

the moment you attempt to sleep for a while but fails to do so is the moment the guard steps in, sees you and thinks you were sleeping when you've actually been studying for the past one hour..

those were what i've experienced sitting in the college's library, as far as i can remember.. seriously, it happened at the very moment i did it.. the so called perfect timing that the very moment i did it, that's when someone came and saw me.. well i guess that's life.. that's reality.. one bad thing that you've done usually covers the many good things that you've done.. generally, people tend to remember the one bad thing more than the many good things..

guess that's all for now.. till then !

p/s. no malaysian studies for 2 weeks.. wHEeeeEeee!


pismayka said...

hahahhaha lol. dis is funny haha