Monday, October 19, 2009

for the sake of updating...

here's a little bit of everything again, for the sake of updating..

- celebrated deepavali with school friends as well as college friends for the first time.. when i say celebrated, it means eat, eat and eat..

- got our car back with a new second hand door.. long story and i've got nothing to do with it.. i'm just the victim who's affected by not being able to go around freely.. haha.. anyway, power steerings are bad for driving health.. it makes me suffer when i go back to the normal one.. but it's quite fun though when i get used to it..i mean the power one..

- missed class for the very first time in my college life.. as far as i can remember.. i didn't know there was a change in the timetable.. ahh, who's just malaysian studies and i heard the lecturer has changed for the worse..oh darn..

- exam fever is yet to come.. i really have no idea how i'm gonna study and pass law.. gotta have more faith and just do my best.. this week's supposed to be a study break week but it feels just almost the same..

- oh yes, came back from my dad's friend's house for deepavali.. yummy curry and super adorable dogs! baby and spotty are so so so cute but i'm too lazy to post their pictures..

this is getting boring and i'm getting sleepier so that's all for now..till then!


Shalani Mohana Kumaran said...

eunice....make sure i c u in my hse next year kay...hahaha!!!neway,thanx for da lil gift...i left it at sasi's...will get it from him when i get long as he does not eat da content...hahahaha!!!thanx a bunch:)