Tuesday, June 15, 2010


yes !! it's the time of the year again.. my precious semester break is finally here..!! exams are over.. i know i didn't do well but i'm glad it's over for now.. and all i hope for is to pass.. i don't know if i deserve to pass, it's all in God's hands.. and i believe He has truly helped me through.. i wasn't really scared this time though i felt most unprepared this time and that was what made me scared - for not feeling scared.. the peace that God gives us truly surpasses all understanding..

i feel really encouraged by the messages i received from my friends before exams.. how blessed i am to have them in my life.. made me want to do even better..

anyway, enough about exams.. it's time to enjoy myself to the fullest.. it's a study-free break !! wheeee..!! i read through the freedom post i posted in december and the things-to-do list was, wow! packed.... nothing much on my list yet this time.. wanna watch glee and you're beautiful.. the two popular shows people are talking about.. one thing for sure - make full use of this 2 weeks plus of break...

new semester's starting on july 5th but i'll still be going to college probably twice a week for some stuffs.. guess that's all for now.. till then !!