Wednesday, May 03, 2006

all about 2[o]m13y

exams are near..i shouldn't be online right now..i should be studying or doing my homework..history tuition cancelled today..yay!!so's a new time table in school changes except for a new teacher's gonna teach us and i don't really like it..she'll be the 3rd 2[o]m13y who's teaching us.coz she looks like one..3 2[o]m13y are teaching us right now..can't be too you wanna know what's 2[o]m13y..just ask i wanna blog bout one of the 3 of them..better not mention which subject it so safe to mention the class was not very good..everyone was making noise and doing our own work..she said no doing modern someone kept the modern maths book and took out add maths instead..haha..and later my friend inder called the teacher..she was busy talking to the others and did not answer so i challenged her to call her 2[o]m13y and she really did..and guess what?the teacher actually answered her..she said yess??lol..joyce and i couldn't stop laughing and inder can still stay calm and act dumb.. i wonder if she really realise what my friend called her..feel kinda gulty also..but nevermind i guess she's a certified 2[o]m13y..we shall try on the other 2 some day..then my friends behind were singing and teacher said no singing please..she said if you wanna sing go join the choir group.. lol..i think she'll soon complain to our form teacher about our behaviour during her acting very mean nowadays..i mean at times..and insane not the only one anyway =p i feel so relax though exams are near when i shouldn't not prepared at all..must really pick up my i'll end my post here for today bout 2[o]m13y.....