Friday, May 05, 2006

worst pollution ever!!

my class experienced the worst pollution today...after reccess all of a sudden my friend said she saw black smoke coming out through the window from some sort of pipe outside ipoh parade..i don't know what was happening..then the air in my class got warmer and warmer and some bad was so hot and stuffy till we couldn't help it and went out of the class then we realise outside was so cooling compared inside..well i hope that kind of situation won't happen again during exams..oh no!!exams..what am i doing here?i shouldnt be online..i can remember how i skipped onling last year during examinations.and now i realise i online even more frequent than no arranged our desk for exams too..i'll be sitting right in front..can consider as an distraction..quite near the fan..hehe..and to be not prepared at all..i don't know how am i gonna stuff everything into my brain..anyway..wanna wish all the best to everyone who'll be facing the "daymares"!!