Friday, August 18, 2006

The Day Has Finally Come

holidays are here!!finally..i've been longing for it for the past few weeks..feeling so stressful for the past few weeks..monthly test..just sat for the last paper usual..just joined a chess competition for the malaysia book of records last sunday in UTP(Universiti Teknologi Petronas)..their aim was to reach 900 participants..they manage to break the record with 960 participants...just went for the sake of the certificate and to gain experience...haven't been playing chess for about 3 i know are the moves of each chess piece..good thing inder taught me a few tricks and strategies so i managed to win 4 games and 1 draw..8 rounds altogether..i broke my own record for playing 8 rounds of chess in a day..the most i can usually play is only 2.i didn't know my brain could feel so damaged after that day though i didn't think hard while playing..anyway..will hope to join another competition like dat again..

moral drama competition today in conjunction with national day..i played the role of the japanese general's role is not that impotant but somehow i had to appear in most of the scenes just like the general..felt so embarassed with the ugly moustache painted by my friend.. class won first prize!! hurray!! happy...thanks to our good actresses inder and munis..bad news is we have to perform during assembly before national day in not gonna let them paint moustache on my face

tomorrow's enrolment for 4th unit rangers..i'll be a ranger officially..oh well..hope it'll be fun and just hope i wont be blur..

well got to go now..will add in more later.


Anonymous said...

nice blog.. well, great drama, great actress (the general asst =)..) so cham la ; hv to perform again.. this time thousand of eyes will get to watch it =P
well.. all the best in ur upcoming drama performance!!

-su yenn-