Friday, August 04, 2006


argh..feeling so stress up nowadays..this week seem to pass so fast..monthly test..what i hate most is both tuition and school having it at the same time but different subjects.. dis weekend i need to study biology, physics, mod maths and chemistry incase there's test in tuition..if i have the time.and guess what? my moral teacher has changed again!!now who?back to the old 1 from the beginning..this is the 3rd time they change..i don't know why..and this is killing unlucky.sat for add maths monthly test today..just a simple test but i did not read the question properly.left out the median for the ogive..i didn't know that i have to find the median as well..when my friend told me, i already handed in the paper and i told teacher about it.he just said,"nevermind lar..1 or 2 marks only"..2 marks is equivalent to 8 marks actually..cause the whole thing is only 25 i guess i lost 8 marks due to carelessness.. are 2 jokes my maths teacher told us today and few days back:

There's this pastor who brings a horse to church and gave it to a he told the man, "if you want this horse to move, say AMEN!, if you want to stop it, say PRAISE THE LORD!" so as the man was riding on the horse, all of a sudden the horse was heading towards the cliff..he was so panic that he forgot the magic word to stop the horse..suddenly he said AMEN and the horse stop just before the edge of th cliff.he felt so thankful and relieve that he said "PRAISE THE LORD!"

Another one says about this couple who doesn't know maths.(according to my maths teacher,they don't know maths cause she's not teaching them maths,lol)they have a daughter who is 1 year those days..people were already being match-make when they were very they match-make their daughter with a boy who is 2 years suddenly this man became so worried..he told his wife that there's a big problem..he said, " when the boy is 20,our daughter would only be 10.since now their daughter is 1 and the boy is 2 so to him it's twice their daughter's age..then he said,when she's 20, the boy would be 40 by then."den the wife started laughing at him and said.."u're so year our daughter is 2..the boy is same lor"..(worse

-The End-

P/s got to do my homework now..wanted to log off long ago but delayed till