Sunday, August 27, 2006

sadness is filling my days again

last sunday seemed to be just time really really flies..wish i can have more holidays..failed to do a lot of things i planned to do during the holidays..for example..couldn't even read a story book..homework?lol..don't mention...sad sad are some places i went during the holidays..

-Penang( i saw andrew tan, the 1st runner up of astro talent quest..unbelievable.he was walking with his mum..very good bad i was too shy to ask for his autograph...)

-Kinta City ( quite uncountable how many times i went this week )

- Ipoh Parade

- Caryn's birthday party (a very fun and enjoyable one..some of my friends felt young..i felt

where else?erm..can't recall..

now i can't wait till miss bio..both tuition and's getting late now..just hope i can wake up early tomorrow..too used to sleeping late and getting up i guess that's all for now...