Sunday, December 16, 2007


FINALLY...i'm here to update about the youth camp that i went recently..(the word "finally"'s always in my posts)..well been going here and there since after spm till now..hardly i said in my previous post..i went for youth camp organised by Shekinah Community Centre and Foursquare Gospel Church..and guess what?this is actually my first youth camp ever though i've been a christian for many years..don't ask why cause i have no idea no one really asked me to go for any and this time i was persuaded several times by Caryn..even when i really couldn't go at first but with God, all things are possible! thanks to Caryn too!! hmm..i'll try to keep this short as i always do but fail everytime..okie..enough.

went to Shekinah on saturday night (dec 8th)..stayed overnight there..well, caryn said it's part of the fun part of i went..played games..sang songs..and the great thing is, made new friends!! i'm not that good at making friends but the people there are extremely friendly..they can just go on talking about stuffs..

next morning, went to caryn's house to freshen up..(caryn's name appear many time huh?)kk..must not forget my lost shepherd..joined this camp with sue jane..OUR first after that went for breakfast at mamak' breakfast..hehe..chee foo the camp leader paid for all of us..TQ chee foo!then we waited for the bus to come at 9am..oh yes before i forget, the camp's at El Sanctuary, Alor Gajah, Malacca and the theme is "who am i?"..stopped by KL to fetch the people from Foursquare Gospel Church and had lunch there then we headed to malacca..the place was much more outdoor than i expected but of course i don't mind!i love outdoor camps..and we were welcomed by so many adorable puppies!!6 puppies..1 golden retriever, 1 dalmatian and other dogs..we went into our groups and play this "guardian angel and mortal' thing then went to our respective dormitories..10 to a!not easy to go up to our dorm though..quite a long way up the hill but very

the dorms and chalet are located way up the hill on the right..

5 double decker beds in the dorm..

the washroom side..

very beautiful golden retriever..mother of 7 puppies..

cute!!! loving!!


the dalmatian..looking miserable
then we played games and had our dinner..the food was delicious..never thought i would get to enjoy food in served in camps are usually bad but in this camp, it's so so different..we had spaghetti, mushroom soup and garlic bread..after that we had our session 1 where we had praise and worship and sharing..Pastor Jacinta, the guest speaker is indeed a great speaker..there was not a single moment of boredom..people who loves sleeping like me wouldn't feel sleepy at all listening to her..the topic that night was, "who am i?"..she taught us 6 problem solving it is :

- self-awareness tune in to your emo)
- self-control (stop and think)
- consider your options (think it through)
- check your progress (after your decision)
- make a decision (one of your options)
- everything to Christ in prayer
we did our devotion the next morning at 7.30am where we read the word of God and do some sharing... everyone's unique so we should just be who we are and not try to imitate other people..God made everyone of us for a purpose and we should all be thankful with what we have..sometimes it becomes a burden when we try to turn ourselves into somebody we are not so why not just be ourselves and life would be so much easier..
had our breakfast after that..what was breakfast?pancakes and?lol..i can't really recall..all i knew is, we had good food the whole time..then we had our second session..pastor jacs shared bout the Armour of God this time..we need to stand firm and put on the armour of God all the time to fight evil temptations..wanna know more about the armour of God?check out the book of Ephesians..after the sharing was the baptism of the Holy Spirit.. it was then that i was filled with so much joy seeing a friend accept Christ as her Lord and Saviour..the joy is like so indescribable till i almost cried..God is so so great and he perform miracles..i always wonder, when will my friends ever accept Christ?cause i'm not such a convincing person to others as i myself lack of confidence in myself but the truth is, all i need to do is just share a lil, encourage them and God will do the rest..then i heard about another friend who accepted Christ after joining another youth!! God is so amazing!! like what irene said, when God touches someone, that person can never escape..!

waiting for session 2 to start..
we had our lunch and next was water games..didn't really get wet and i'm so glad with, it was really fun..then we freshened up and had dinner..don't need to mention what we ate..good food of course!haha..supposed to have campfire that night but due to the rain that morning, the firewood were all wet so it had to be we had praise and worship instead and performances..caleb won the best performance!!!cheers! oh yes, forgot to mention that i'm in Caleb team..other teams were Timothy, Joshua and Samuel..

water games...
what were we doing?gossiping of coz!! =)
10pm was jungle trekking and guess what?it was raining heavily..they gave us a choice whether to stay or to go for jungle trekking in the rain..i couldn't give up this opportunity to go for jungle trekking so i went for it..jungle trekking at night in the rain was so fun!challenging but maybe the route was a lil too short..thank God nothing bad happened to me..slept after 2am that night after bathing and chit chatting with my roommates..

after jungle trekking..all wet and muddy..
as usual, we did our devotion in groups led by counselors the next morning and the topic was
"The Life-Changing Difference of our Identity In jesus Christ'.."eternal life is not something you get when you die..eternal life is something you possess right now because you are in Christ"..the old has gone..the new has come..had breakfast after that and continued with session 3..
ASK and it'll be given to you, SEEK and you'll find, KNOCK on the door and it shall be opened unto you..

- i'm totally forgiven
- i'm fully accepted
- i'm deeply in love
- i'm daily empowered
- i'm a citizen of heaven (phil.3:20)

some nice quotes i jotted down :

If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

It's not the years in your life that count,
It's the life in your years.

People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

have faith in God always and he will help you through everything,..
then it was the time when every guardian angel revealed to their mortal..can't believe my guardian angel's teammate who is my group counselor as well as my blur could i be?then it was award male camper's benjamin while the best female camper's sue!!!best team goes to joshua while the second best team goes to!unexpected..hehe..then we packed our stuffs, brought everything down and had lunch..
morning devotion..

so engrossed in pastor jacs's sharing..

Caleb's the best!

group picture of youth camp 2007

my roommates..right before we left the room..3 missing in action..

that's chee foo the camp leader..
3 cheers for caleb!!
we left el sanctuary at 2pm and headed to tan kim hock in malacca to shop for some biscuits?yeah..then headed to kl to drop the USJ-ians..had dinner at the overhead bridge at sg buloh is it?guess so..i know i'm very location blind..haha..oh yes..chatted all the way..just didn't feel like sleeping..maybe cause i didn't wanna get camp over so fast..eventually fell asleep during the last 45 minutes of our journey back was so so fun!!!gosh!i miss camp! could really feel God's presence within us and He really touched each and everyone of our hearts..

tan kim hock..
enjoying cendol outside tan kim hock..
great friends i've met..
another crazier picture..
i'm feeling so tired till now since after camp..haven't really been resting..watched golden compass (bad show i would consider.. enchanted MUCH better)..then watched heartbreak kid..(just so so lar cause it's funny)..went here and there these few's time i shoud ground myself a lil.. and today just came back from driving school..first day today for the KPP thing..5 hours of boring..oops..another long post!!guess i better end here..if you find this too long to read, just read the purple and blue fonts..that's what's important..

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
Ephesians 2:10
camp manual and my name tag..manual done by mun teng and the tag by caryn and??great job anyway..
P/S. credits to caryn, sue jane (my all time photo source) and shereen..thanks!


Anonymous said...

Walao eh.nice pictures la!! =D
the girls picture..haha
we are really crazy.but still it lasted in our minds.

Butterfly-dreams said...

HEY!!!! i miss camPPP!!! hehhee.. now it's my turn 2 blog bout camp.. half way thry!!!! ehhehehe..but u gave me ideas on wat 2 write.. .ehhehee...
I'm really glad u came!! n i'm glad God did sumting in ur life.. as He has in mine.. LOVE U! thanks 4 being such a GREAT fren.. cu tis sat!!! can't wait!!! = D

Jia Wei said...

hey eunice, I found ur blog too. Nice story and pictures u hv there.. Miss camp lar, right?... Keep on blogging!