Monday, December 03, 2007

What It Takes To Be A Graduate..

November 2nd was 1 memorable day to all of us, form 5s of SMC..we're all "graduates" because we went through our graduation day!! it is a tradition that our school have our graduation day outside school every year so this year we had it in Excelsior hotel..

on this very special day every year..everyone gets well dressed..make up, heels, accessories and so the theme this year is "Precious Moments" and the theme song is "When Will I See You Again" started at around 2.30pm..there were speeches (barely heard anything..guess the sound system was bad)..cert and lucky for the food, we didn't get to eat much coz we were all too busy snapping pictures and got to use every single chance we had to get a shot together..lucky draw??oh so "lucky" that i'm one of the few in my class who DIDN'T win!! class performance was poem recitation and we sang "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill..

the day ended after everyone sang the theme song..
the event just started and ended so abruptly that i didn't realise it..haha..again, because i was too busy snapping pictures with all my friends..the photography session was from 5.30pm to 6pm..for goodness can that be enough??after graduation, my friends and i went to crispy crust..just for fun we were extremely thristy as we had not had enough water as well as food at excelsior..

i've made a slideshow of all the pictures taken during graduation...any comments, leave a note so i can improve on it if possible..not many group pictures though..
so here it is :


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL slideshow..hehe 1st comment here. there's no need to improve cos its perfect alredy! :) i had a wonderful evening on graduation day even tho did not get to sit same table as sad :(