Thursday, December 06, 2007


just came back from kl trip with my friends : alicia, joyce, kai yi, sue jane and irene..the one which we planned for since months and months ago and it's now over..really can't believe was such a great great great great trip..and it was also my first time going for a "self-organised" or "self-planned" trip without my parents..

we went to kl by bus on Dec 4th (tuesday)..arrived at pudu raya at about 12 something i think?lol..can't remember..then we took the lrt to hang tuah and monorail to bukit bintang..checked in coronade hotel..need not mention how we checked in..haha..quite illegal though..alicia's mum helped us check in cause we were all underage..(too young =p) 6 to a room! fun..then we walked to lot 10 for lunch and next to sg wang plaza for shopping..didn't buy window shopping and i'm too broke to shop..haha..then we headed to pavilion in the evening..gosh! love the christmas decorations at the main stage..and next we searched for food and dined in pasta first time eating there too..nothing much to see in pavilion actually and it was getting late so we walked back to hotel before 10pm..

in the bus..transnational bus..

1..2..3..4..5..6 pairs of shoes!!lol

having some rest after checking in...

the view from our room.."beautiful" isn't it?
erm..where were we going?hunting for lunch?

lunch in lot 10 foodcourt

the main stage at sg wang plaza..

aiyo..caught walking in sg wang plaza..haha

yay!managed to grab a stranger to snap a group pic of us at the beautiful stage..

joyce, kai yi, irene and sue jane..

joyce, kai yi, alicia, irene and me outside sg wang plaza..

pavilion KL..

"I'm dreaming of a white christmas.."

love this part of pavilion the most!the main stage..

fellow paparazzi in action!!!


hmm??what's happening??lol..too bloated i guess..

after eating in pasta mania in pavilion..table as the photographer!lol..

picture of "my lamb' captured by lost shepherd

J.Co, the place famous for delicious donuts..look at the queue!!

yes!!we managed to grab some for our breakfast the next day..hehe..we cut queue since alicia's sis was alraedy in the queue..
no!!! don't snap our pictures!!look more like

haha..effect of not being able to sleep so snap pictures in the toilet!!lol..
next day, woke up at about 7 and don't know why i felt so energetic though i slept after 12.30am the night before..everyone was still very tired and sleepy but i wanted to make use of my i dragged sue jane to go swimming with me..kakaka...i don't really know how to swim actually but both of us conquered the pool..hehe..went back to our room within an ready then all of us headed to sunway pyramid..this is quite LRT then KTM then taxi..(i think so )..

self shot by kai yi in the LRT to where huh?can't remember..but we were going to sunway pyramid

a very mojo christmas!! sunway pyramid..
we went straight to the skating rink..yay! excited yet nervous..scared of falling..the pain and effect after skating's bad..very expensive too..just because it's school holidays..and what's next?they were out of skates..couldn't get the sizes we wanted so we had to wait..thank God after quite a while there were people already returning some skates of our sizes..though it was my third time..i know i acted like a first! needed some time to get used to it..there were so many people and i was afraid of being pushed down..and something very horrible happened after about 4 hours we were at the skating rink..we were just entering the rink after resting and we witnessed a guy who fell on his face..his glasses came off and his forehead hit the ice so hard that we could actually hear the sound..ouch..!he didn't get up so i thought he was just fooling around or it was too painful..then came 2 workers who were skating around in the rink and held him up and we saw the guy's forehead bleeding so badly..we were so horrified that we hesitated if we should continue so we decided to just go 1 more round and that's it..i think many left after us too...never thought such thing could happen...hope that guy's ok..surprisingly we didn't feel hungry at all though we didn't have lunch till we left the skating rink, our stomachs started growling..haha..we ate at mr. Terpanyaki..not bad..then walked around..the new wing's not bad but didn't manage to enter jusco..must go again one day..hehe..headed back to hotel by taxi at 9.30..played boom-o (card game) even faced down!

yeah! all ready to skate!!feel taller

at MR. Terpanyaki..while waiting for our meal..we had soup..

the pass to enter the skating rink..aiyo..lost shepherd's hand's shaking while capturing this..too tired already after skating..haha

santa's magic village..nice!

more christmas decorations by memory lane..

reindeer made of wires and bulbs..beautful!!

i just love christmas!!

back in our hotel room..oh no! she's drunk! lost shepherd smiling away while writing in my autograph

shop shop and shop...
woke up at 9 today to go for sauna..never tried we got ready and went to 3rd indian man approached us and i said we want pool towel..he asked for our age and guess what he said?under 18s are not allowed to use the swimming pool and gym unaccompanied by adults..what the crap!? this is like so nonsense..same goes to sauna he said..we can understand that we're not allowed to go to the gym and sauna but why the pool?the rules at the swimming pool said kids under 12 not under 18!!but i didn't said that to him..didn't have the guts and i'm sure he's just gonna find some other ways to stop us no matter what..he's just jealous we have friends and we're YOUNG!can anyone tell me if there's such rule that "kids" under 18 can't use the pool unaccompanied by someone who's over 18?and the fact it is, i did used the pool freely yesterday and no one bothered..haha..silliest thing ever!so we headed back to our room unsatisfied..good thing i managed to swim a while alicia's mum checked us out int he afternoon and we took the monorail to hang tuah and then lrt to plaza rakyat to the bus station..oh yeah..some prob occured with my touch n go had to buy tickets..need not elaborate here..the bus was surprisingly on time we headed back to ipoh..

just before we left our room heavy heartedly..television as the photographer this time..of coz, timer set by sue jane..*cheers*

felt really heavy hearted yet really tired shoulders, arms and legs are all aching now due to ice skating and my heavy, this trip is so so great!throughout this trip, i got to understand my friends much better..understand what it feels to actually pay for my every meal by myself..gosh..really not easy especially when i'm so so broke this month..but i indeed had a very great time and i have no regrets going for this trip..gonna miss all my friends so so much!!wonder when can we( kai yi, alicia, joyce, irene, sue jane and me ) go for a trip together again..must find a chance some day..thank you all of you for helping me in anyway at all throughout this trip..i truly cherish our friendship..
that's all for now.. (tried my best to keep this short but...)
credits given to sue jane, kai yi and alicia for providing me with pictures! THANKS a lot!!to get a larger view of the pictures, just click on them..
next great event would be youth camp on dec 9th..till then..


Anonymous said...

OMG sounds so fun lehh.. i want to organise such trips too but then.. i'll tell you why in MSN.. btw, pavillion!! i want to go badly =( nice trip anyway especially with frens =)

Anonymous said...

so much fun!

i wanna go on such trip also!

went to piramid b4,but didn't go 4 ice-skating..huhu..