Saturday, May 31, 2008

a trip to lumut...

my blog seems to be so lack of pictures these here are some not so up to date pictures..went to lumut with my family on 10th of may and captured some pictures since i haven't been there since i don't know how many

we stopped by at ayer...erm..what's it called?ayer tawar? ayer hitam? haha..i can't remember..tell me if you know which is in lumut which is in penang..i'm's a place we once had lunch and the food was tasty..after so many years, the place is still the same but maybe the food wasn't as nice anymore..

part of the shop..or restaurant you called it? we were told that the business started since 1930' bad huh..

and so, we ordered our drinks and guess what?

this is what they gave ordered BEER???lol..wanna know what's in it?

it's barley!!!lol..they actually kept barley in beer bottles..something different to mum got a shocked when she saw the bottles on the table after coming out from the toilet..

beer bottles of barley...

after lunch, we went to lumut to hunt for the stuffs we wanna buy...

this is lumut waterfront i think..captured it in the car while it was moving so this is what i

just another picture..

and another picture of stalls..


dried cuttlefish and other seafood..see for yourself..

where we shopped for dried seafood, snacks, junks and all..

in the middle of nowhere..


satay fish etc..etc...

thirst quenching ice cream.. i just love to see the colourful ice cream..the weather was so hot so we had ice cream...

a self shot picture by me..hehe..i'm bad at it that's why it's not so clear..but it's consider good that we're both in the picture not half the face..hehe..

the result of about 2 hours or less of shopping in lumut..there are more in fact..there are still a few packets left surprisingly..due to some reasons..anyway, all of it are tasty...imagine if i stay in lumut, like what my mum said, our cholestrol level will zoom up...!!lol..

so that's about it..i'm sorry if it bores blogging skills seriously got worse since i haven't really been blogging like how i used to..been copying and pasting or typing a lot i guess??hehe..will update more with pictures i've never shared..old pictures..when i feel like it..

p/s. went for swimming this morning, not really swimming actually..and i've been suffering from flu since i left the pool till i hate flu..makes my jaw get tired of sneezing..headache..drowsiness..oh no, i just recalled that i actually have flu medicine at home..haha..why didn't i eat it?my dumbness..if only i recalled it earlier then i would have felt much better by now..

till then!