Sunday, July 20, 2008

irene tagged me...

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.

2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.

3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.

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1-> eunice is a super lazy person - i procrastinate a after day..month after month...and i start reading a book easily but too lazy to finish it so a storybook with average thickness takes me ages to finish..

2 -> eunice loves eating -
i crave a lot for food and enjoy snacking all day long..unless i'm too

3 -> eunice loves making new friends but have problem in really fitting herself in a new group of frens -
i love making new friends but have trouble taking the initiative to get to know a person and yeah, it takes time for me to fit into a group of totally new friends..

4 -> eunice misses school life A LOT -
nothing beats school life's still the best..i wish i could have more of school days with my friends but not exams..

5 -> eunice loves travelling and outing with friends -
coz that's when i get to get away with all the stress and burdens i carry..

6 -> eunice likes to drive but kinda has a fear of reversing -
the few times i banged something, it's definitely when i was reversing..

7 -> eunice gives people the first impression that she's an arrogant and very serious person -
i've got comments from several friends saying, "you know, when i first saw you, i tot u were very arrogant or serious"..what to do, i'm borned to look like that when i don't smile? lol...i can get really crazy and talkative after some time though..

8 -> eunice likes to sleep but dislikes sleeping early - that's why you see me online at late nights because onlining keeps me i can no longer sleep so late on weekdays..

so that's all about the 8 random facts about me...i'm bad at describing myself though.erm..i'm not gonna tag specifically anyone for now to prove my first point that i'm you're bored, you don't know what to update in your blog, you feel like doing this, just do it..hehe..

since my blog seems to be so full of are are a few random pictures of my school days...

my family of 5 orchid..missing those days..

sleepover in joyce's house..can you believe it? this picture was captured at 2am after watching 2 movies and waking up after falling asleep after the second

rangers camp 2006..the best camp ever throughout my 5 years in guiding...

our morning gathering we walked in sleepily every morning..that's wehre we'll sit..

and not forgetting this bunch of awesome friends i got to know after spm and spent a lot of time hanging out together during my 6 months spiritual family...

till then!