Monday, July 07, 2008

not so my day....

well, i just came back from college just lost in the subject..after figuring and trying for so so long until the lecturer gave the answer on the board only i managed to get it..hehe..

anyway, the "not so my day" is actually for yesterday..woke up early but later than i supposed to, to get ready for international was so jam at the stadium roundabout..first, i searched for the registration counter then the starting line..i told myself not to start late this time like i did last year but still i started late cause there were too many people pushing their way to the starting line through an entrance..

okay la, cut the story short.supposed to start at 7.05 am and finish at 7.55..but by the time i reached the starting line, it was already 7.20am..(so i thought, ok, must run faster since i'm late) run run..walk walk walk.. ( i walked more than i ran ) the end, i reached the finishing line only at about 8.25 am..i was so so slow and late..i even exceed my own 50 minutes..what more the time set by i couldn't get my participation cert..haih..i really lost the stamina i used to have last year..i managed to complete the run within the given time LAST year..that was guess that's the difference between schooling and not least i had PJ lessons last year where my PJ teacher asked us to run around the school for 5 rounds and so on..

hmm...i must do something about it..exercise more!!! lol..but it's really disappointing not getting the certificate of participation cause i went there with quite a high confidence level of getting it but what to do...lack of exercise's the cause of it..

and then in the afternoon i went to ipoh parade to meet the casts of "heart of greed"..a hong kong tvb drama currently showing on astro wah lai toi..moses chan, lei see kei, linda chung and tavia yeung came..they were supposed to come at 3pm so i though if i reach there at 2, i'll be able to get a good spot with a good close up view..truly, i underestimated the event..the crowd was already so huge at 2pm..i stood at the side (where i can see them..kinda..but not so good view though )..they came really late..i waited till around 3.45pm but they were still not there..only many singers whom i'm not familiar with came out to perform..come on, i didn't go there to meet them.. and i couldn't stand it was so stuffy and my legs were seriously aching..irene was with me so we left the crowd and search for a place to have a drink with suk wai as well..everywhere was so full of people so we headed to the foodcourt instead..

after everything at about 4.40pm, we went back to the stafe area..the tvb artists were already on stage playing games..well, at least got to see them from far..really far..nevermind..i still saw them at

so that's about it..not so my day that i couldn't get a close up view of the artists...couldn't get a participation cert in international ( but at least i got a nice tshirt lar..)

got to go out for lunch class starting at that's all for now..

p/s. my legs are seriously aching...i have difficulty getting up each time i sit and difficulty sitting down after standing as well..LOL...i really need more exercise!!!

till then!