Thursday, March 23, 2006


i think im a real failure..i failed 3 papers within 2 days..first physics yesterday.. i don't even know what the question wants..then i went for history tuition and all of a sudden teacher gave us the monthly test..i really didn't read anything..not at all..not a single page..i didn't know there was going to be a test..even if i knew..i don't think i have time to read..i crap like mad in that paper under the structural questions..whatever i can lift from the objective i just take and those i can't find the answers..i just crapped whatever in my head..but most of it i left it blank..can you imagine sitting for history test without revising at all??definitely i won't pass..3rd paper i failed is add maths today..i only did 2 questions out of 5 and i can't guarantee that it's right..each question breaks into a few question so it's not only 5 questions actually and we only had 30 can people with slow thinking skills like me finish in time??just had my monthly test at biology tuition just now..i think i did very badly as well..i was probable half asleep when i was doing part of the i hate most is school and tuition giving test on the same day and different subjects clash togeher..aih...i think there's only 1 word to describe me these two days..FAILURE!!


Anonymous said...

YAYYYY!!! Congratulations! You failed! hahaha! Best thing to do now is just laugh about it...hahaha! And after that just go enjoy yourself...listen to BSB or something...still got 1.5 years to go mah.

Anyway, tell yourself, 'This is a temporary setback. I'll be back!' And before you know it, 10As will come your way!

Eunice said... mean lar..i fail and u congratulate me..haha..nvm nvm..thanks!=) failing is like..aih..dun care lar like dat..1.5years very fast 1 u noe?now also march soon..listen to bsb ar?quite long din listen adi..except on radio lar every morning..thanks a lot anyway =)