Sunday, July 16, 2006

7th Coy Camp 2006~

the camp started on friday 7pm...i only went last night at around 7something cause friday was my dad's birthday and i didn't wanna miss my tuition on saturday.i roughly know what they did on friday night..started of with the division of their campsite.and they have midnight stalking(too bad i missed it)..and also midnight marching at 3am.

on saturday, they had cooking competition..inspection in the afternoon(the scariest part of all)..when i arrived,they were arranging the wood for the campfire..this is the first time i actually have the chance to see how they arrange and start the campfire..really beautiful..i think that's the best part of this camp...they had barbecue too..during the gathering night..they sang..they danced(just like rangers camp)..but their performances were extremely boring..none of us could understand what the recruits were doing..their sketches were so short and the endings were all "full of suspens" as all of us were wondering what's happening...during 7th coy camp,every day ends with a heart to heart session where the leaders will ask questions..scold them for their mistakes and so on(bear in mind it's a training camp)..when all of them go to bed..we have C.O.H.(court of honour)..when madams,form 3 leaders, actual form 2 leaders and camp leaders of the's just like heart to heart session when they'll get scolded for their mistakes as well..this whole thing ended only at around 3.30 am when everyone's eyes can barely open..i was still quite energetic at that time(surprisingly) slept in the hall since the head quarters was quite full of other madams..

on the last day, i only woke up at around 7 something..the guides and recruits woke up at 6..i woke up few times when i heard the whistles..then i went to help to clean up the campfire with the cooking.then just sit around when they were having their was inspection's suppose to be more linient compared to yesterday but i don't know why they were quite stern till many cried..i remember i used to laugh when i was form 1 during the last day of inspection..they were supposed to have water games but everything got delayed so it was cancelled..then the cleaning up goes on after inspection till 12 pm when i went home.i find this year's recruits are..erm..(no words to describe)..they even have visiting hours when parents can come to wist their precious daughters last night...

really a tiring camp..i only went less than 24hours and i'm so tired..i guess i'm not as tired as any of them who attended the full's getting late now so i better stop here for now.