Friday, July 14, 2006

start blogging again

i'm finally blogging's been quite some time since i last posted here..lots of things happened for the past 2 weeks till i can't really finally almost fully recovered from all sorts of sickness..after a month plus..many of my friends asked why haven't i been online for so long..trying to be a good girl you kidding..too busy with all the homework every's quite a good thing though..keeps me from onlining.currently collecting donation for dance-a-thon.a dance competition i think but i'm not taking school's collecting donations for fund raising for wiring and to clear the termites in certain blocks n conjunction with the 100years anniversary..must collect at least RM30..i'm aiming for Rm100 so that i can get a keychain.hehe..hope i least i can get something in return..did my UDTA today..ran 17 rounds around the volleyball tiring....rangers meeting tomorrow..V formation test..don't really know what's it like..will wait for them to teach..i passed my rangers enrolment test!hehe..i can imagine the muscle aches i'll feel tomorrow morning..7th coy camp started today too at i'll only go tomorrow night..i'll be missing the cooking competition, inspection (worse part of the camp to the guides and recruits)..the best part is always the gathering night..hope it'll be fun this i guess that's all for now..this screen is hurting my eyes

P/s incase you're bored,here's a game that u can try..kinda childish but not bad to cure boredom