Saturday, July 01, 2006

i'm allergic to everything!

i've been coughing thoughout the whole month of june..broke my own record..the longest i ever had cough was 3 it's 1 month..haven't consulted a doctor for that and finally i went to consult the doctor was the lady doctor today..all she know is the word "man gam"(allergy)..from outside i heard her asking a man if he's allergic to any food..when it's my turn..she asked me about my cough and sore throat..whatever i said..she said it's "man gam"..what's with her and allergy?she said im allergic to spicy food,fried food and anything that's cold and chocolates..she said i can't take them AT ALL..she meant all my life?i'm not allergic to any of just not suppose to take any of those when im sick..really her everything is caused by allergy..i once saw her to ask about my acne..and there she goes with the word allergy i have 3 types of yucky medicine to take..eeeww...