Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's Life??

Life been so busy and stressful this week..i was rushing to finish my biology folio..the pointless and waste of time folio..i'm finally done with it..luckily teacher postponed the dateline to monday instead of yesterday..yesterday during PJ, we did a teacher played the vcd for us in the chapel and we follow the steps done by the robot like humans..and with the zombie music..feel so dumb..haha.

few days back my dad heard rumours that one of my mum's friend whom she knew for 20 over years involved in an accident and is in coma and her younger daughter passed away..i couldn't believe it and was hoping so badly that it's only false rumours..then yesterday my dad told me that it's we went to the hospital to visit my mum's friend..she was already awake and her sister told us that she had very poor memory and couldn't remember a lot of things..but she still remembers her daughter who is only 5 years old who passed away..only 5 years old.she still doesn't know bout her daughter...i wonder how is she gonna accept it...i saw my mum's friend's condition..her long and beautiful hair's been cut due to the harden blood on her hair..stitches on her hand and head..i felt so sad when i saw her..i'm not sure how it happened..all i know is the accidents involved an army truck..their car and a motorcycle..they were on the way to penang on saturday and it all happened on the highway after bukit merah, before parit buntang..things like this happen every day..but we just don't feel it till it happens to people we know..her sister said it's all fate and God's will..yup, all these happened for a purpose..God's purposes that we humans won't know..she asked us to pray for her sister to be strong to accept the fate..and pray for her recovery and that she'll have faith in God for the plans he one ever knows what will happen the next be sure to cherish every day of your life