Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

well..just came back from caryn's house..bbq!!hehe..thanks caryn!!aih..see your name appear again food was till i...i...i don't know..haha..

anyway, nothing much to say here..just wanna wish everyone a very blessed's not all about santa nor presents but the birth of let's celebrate it!!

for a change..i'm celebrating christmas in malacca this year..malacca?yes..going there was planned earlier my family and i are heading to malacca tomorrow(i mean 23rd) and will only be back on the 26th..leave me a message if there's anything..

hmm..wanted to find some christmas music to upload here but it's getting late and i still haven't packed so i shall just upload some pictures here..

best wishes from looney tunes!!hehe

i wish upon a star...

nice snowman

so.. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!! may this day bring you lots of love and joy..take care..till then!

p/s.hope you'll like the pictures..and check out my frenster profile for a better "christmas feel"..

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    Jia Wei said...

    Hey, Merry Christmas!! May God shines on ur everyday life!