Monday, August 24, 2009

another first time, another achievement..

i finally drove an automatic car.. ALONE.. today.. hehe..feels like an achievement though cause i actually had to learn the functions of P,R,D and N harder than learning what's 1 to 5 and R on the manual gear.. sounds dumb, i know.. who needs to learn how to drive an automatic car right? i do, and i'm not ashamed of it cause i feel proud to be a manual driver.. not boasting.. just proud..

the auto car i drove has a power steering too and i so don't wish to be pampered by the gear and the's much wider, more spacious, narrower view of the back which means, more blind spots!! thus, more concentration needed which leads to increase in loss of energy..LOL.. anyway, it's fun but i still prefer driving the old junk which i've always driven..

guess that's all for now.. there goes another "first time" which i consider an achievement.. hehe..till then !!


Jean said...

sister got a heart attack when i drove he manual car once to fetch kane from school after band trainin. i think i'm not ready to drive on the road yet. wouldn't drive alone till someday. =)

ps thanks for linking, i've linked you too. god bless =)