Friday, August 21, 2009

wallence and isaac.. victims of the inhumane beings..

once, there lived two dogs at the other end of the road.. two really cute local breed dogs.. wallence which looked like a labrador retriever while another named isaac which looked like a polar bear..such cool names they had..

here's a picture of wallence :

that was when he was 2 to 3 months old i think? indeed far bigger than any other dogs his age..

i don't really know his owners so i only managed to capture his picture through the fence..

wallence loves my dog, crystle so he never barks at me but whines each time he sees me with crystle...

then came isaac into picture not long later..

as cute as polar bear.. too adorable for a mongrel but he won't stop barking at me and crystle..

as my sister was walking crystle today, the owner of wallence and isaac told her about something which happened to his dogs.. wallence and isaac were poisoned to death.. someone threw those poisons which are used to kill rats into the compound and they both ate it.. i've said it once and i'll say it again.. how can one be so heartless to such harmless dogs?? don't you know that dogs are men's best friends? they can be really noisy at times but i just don't get it.. must you kill?? such inhumane beings..

i really love watching them.. all their mischiefs.. i once saw them tearing and biting used sanitary towels..yes, i know that's really really gross... and another time, i saw them fighting over a sock, each took one end of it.. i think i haven't seen them in a while cause it's been a while since i last walked my dog..

i truly understand how the owner feels right now.. losing 2 dogs in a night.. i'm worried for my dog too.. dogs are just too curious to get a taste of everything..i'll surely miss the whinings and barkings of wallence and isaac each time i'm gonna pass their house again..

that's all for now.. may wallence and isaac rest in peace and i hope the inhumane murderer will soon regret of his/her act for taking away such innocent lives..

p/s. currently having stomach upset..sometimes felt like vomiting too.. since this morning.. hope it'll be ok tomorrow.. funny how class was suddenly cancelled today so i only had one class.. otherwise, i wouldn't be able to hang on for another 1 hour and 30 minutes in class..and when i think of it, it reminds me of how amazing God is.. He knew i wouldn't be able to stand the pain anymore even before the stomachache became really bad in class so He let me go home without missing any classes... so i had a good 3-hour sleep in the evening..hehe...