Saturday, August 01, 2009

fun + nightmare = ?

we had another sleepover in kai yi's house last night since she will be leaving soon.. me, yan lin, hun fern and of course, kai yi.. wanna know where we landed in the midst of all those fun?? the police station... here's what happened..

my dad fetched me to kai yi's house at about 9pm and we had to meet alicia in yeolde english in ipoh garden east at around that time so kai yi's dad sent us there.. yan lin and hun fern came later..we ate, drank (juice, of course..) and talked and talked and talked till it was 12 something midnight and the place was about to close.. we all accompanied alicia to 7eleven in her car and she then fetched us to hun fern's car.. in we got and there we went.. at a T-junction, hun fern made a quite sudden break when she saw a motorbike with no lights on coming from the right.. it wasn't even close.. no close accident, not blocking their way, absolutely nothing.. 2 indian guys ( i don't think "guy" is the appropriate word to use on them, those, fella will do..) so the two indian fellas, as they passed out showed his ugly filthy middle finger at us but we weren't bothered anyway..

until we reached polo ground.. as we were turning into the housing areas, there were no other cars on the road except our car and a motorbike.. the bike overtook us a few times i think and i wondered why they were going so slow even after overtaking? a normal motorcyclist would overtake and speed fact all drivers would.. and i suddenly realised that the striped shirt worn by the fella was familiar and i was pretty sure they were tailing us.. kai yi then remembered they were the ones we saw in ipoh garden east.. the road was empty.. they were in front of us, we knew we shouldn't overtake them so hun fern drove on..i knew they turned according to our car signal and that's why they managed to tail us from the front without us realising..

suddenly, they stopped in front of us.. one of the fellas, took off his helmet (and later the other fella did as well), swung it (in the cowboy swinging his rope manner) and as we got nearer to them, they hit the helmet on the roof of our car so hard.. we all got panicked and hun fern sped on while kai yi directed her to her house.. it would be safe if we manage to reach the front gate of her house since there's a guard house there..they were chasing after us.. they continued hitting the car roof and windows with their helmets each time they got close enough..the impact was so strong.. kai yi called her dad for rescue..yan lin helped hun fern watch the way.. banged the curbs at a few turnings.. i was so worried that the car would crash and not be able to move..

we were all so scared and panicked... prayer wasn't the first thing that came to mind but after a while..i remembered.. and i prayed.. but i was too panicked, i didn't know what to pray for and i think i barely prayed for anything.. all i prayed in my mind was, "God, help us !! ".. and so, we didn't manage to turn into kai yi's house because they were blocking the way at the side and we went straight on till we saw the main road and went out there.. they were still chasing after us.. i asked hun fern to drive to the nearest police station but i had no idea where the nearest one was..thank God kai yi knew exactly where the nearest police station was in medan gopeng.. as we reached a traffic light, it turned red !!! we were so scared but the road was busy enough so they probably didn't dare to do anything.. i guess that's the busiest road at nite..where the bus station is.. we turned into the police station, quickly got down and ran into the police station.. by the way, it was past 12.30am..

we told the police what happened but we didn't and couldn't see their number plate at all so we couldn't lodge a report.. we just wanted to find a safe place to hide anyway.. kai yi's dad came to fetch us.. afraid those fellas would recognise hun fern's car if she was to drive back to kai yi's house, so she left her car at the police station overnight.. and that was it...

i strongly believe and know that it all happened for a didn't happen because we were unlucky neither were we safe because we were is definitely part of God's plans and i'm sure he's behind it.. as the event flashed back in my mind on the way back, i kept thinking, what if i wasn't in the car? what if kai yi wasn't in the car? what if i was the one driving?? i don't think i had the guts to keep driving and not crashing.. there was a reason why each of us was in the car... kai yi called for rescue, me who noticed they tailed us..hun fern the brave driver, yan lin watching the way sitting next to hun fern.. i can't imagine what would have happened if either one of us was not there.. and i thank God that there was only one bike and not 2 or more otherwise we wouldn't have escaped..

i really wonder what they wanted from us.. there's hardly anything that they could rob from us.. they followed all the way from ipoh garden east to polo ground which is quite far.. and how blur i was not to realise it earlier.. we never thought something like this would happen to us but i guess the four of us now really learned a lesson.. not to go out so late.. not to drive so late, it's not safe even if you're in a car.. thinking about going out now freaks me out.. alicia felt guilty for what has happened but we were all glad that it wasn't her who met those fellas because she was alone and we're really glad that she reached home safe and sound..

back in kai yi's house, we definitely couldn't sleep.. heart still pumping quite fast.. the incident just kept playing in our heads.. we played cards, chat, watch movie but each time my mind was idle, it just kept coming, the picture of the fella swinging the helmet in front of us.. the impact i felt in the car.. couldn't sleep even when it was already 5.30am.. kept thinking about it and i think i slept at about 6am.. it came to my mind again when i woke up at was just so terrifying..anyway, i shall jump to the fun part cause the nightmare part can go on and on..


had char siew pau for breakfast, tapao-ed by kai yi's dad.. and we went cycling! haven't cycled for the past 8 to 10 years i think and i was never good at it either.. eventually, i managed to cycle after having some difficulties to balance the myself on the bike and it was FUN! went to the swimming pool but too lazy to get wet so we just stepped into the wading pool.. then we watched a bit of big bang concert.. i'm not so into it though.. went home at about 12 something and then to church for practice at 2pm..

after youth, kai yi and i went to joyce's church for steamboat.. it was a family night so there were icebreaker, praise and worship, pot bless + steamboat and sharing.. it's really fun and they're all like one big happy family.. joyce does entertain her guests proud eh??

well, there goes another lengthy post but i hope u read it this time so you would take extra precautions too whenever you're outside..i only had 3 hours of sleep.. oh gosh.. i must not oversleep tomorrow.. the whole bad incident feels like a dream now.. a horrible nightmare which haunts me each time i think about it.. and it's the 6th time i'm repeating the nightmare story...

guess that's all for now.. till then !

p/s. thanks kai yi, hun fern, yan lin, alicia and joyce for the great times we had together =)


sue♥ said...

wow sounds so scary! thank god you people are safe! anyways, i've been busy with assignments..will be coming back this week...home sweet home! haha almost a month never spend 24 hours in ipoh adi..see you soon!