Sunday, July 23, 2006


finally i can update my blog..been trying since last night.. lagging like mad..what did i wanted to blog?oh yes..speech day's the 1st time i'm involved in the speech day in this school..very boring..went through 3 times of rehearsal before the real one..just went for the sake of the money and the my cert has dirt on it..argh..yesterday wasn't my day..and they actually stapled the envelope on the cert..spoiled the thing with two tiny holes..the performances were boring..

at night was hawker's night organized by my church at the Ho Seng Onn school was raining before that..oh well,of course it stopped before the hawker's night started as God is so great you see...but the ground was very damp and wet..anyway,it's all about food..lots of food there..just with a book of coupon cost rm3 and you can eat till you can't they invited some singers too..those not really popular ones but they sang really well..all sorts of languages..besides food, it's kind of boring there..

quite a busy and tiring day today...finally done with all the house biology folio..supposed to hand in this friday..and guess what?i only have about 6 pages hope i can get it done..just hate folios..ok, 10 more minutes and i'll be off to bed..that's all for now..