Sunday, June 08, 2008

never alone...

many times, i had to do this and that alone..for example :

my sis started her course in college in may and i had to fetch her to college almost every day but my driving skills were still bad, couldn't really drive alone but i realise, so happen that my mum was free to accompany me for the first few times so i can get used to it..then i was not alone..

my dad had a minor external surgery in the hospital last few weeks to remove the cyst on his sis had to go to college so i had to fetch him home alone..but suddenly, he discharged i was not alone..

and once my friend asked me to do her a favour which was to go to her house when no one's at home to get was indeed a heavy task with huge responsibility..but the next morning, i was told that i need not unlock and lock the doors on my own as someone else will do it..i just need to go get the thing...i was not alone again..

indeed, everything seemed so coincident yet i believe it's not just's God who provides...God who protects me whenever i'm alone especially when i'm driving in the's a blessing each time i reach a destination safely not because i'm a careful nor expert driver but His protection brings me home safely..

so i know, I'M NOT REALLY ALONE...

p/s. coming up next would be genting trip post...hopefully..hehe


Inderpreet Kaur Lehl said...

hey!!my new blog lol oficially up d!btw the lady i the ripley's (fat2 one) indeh's gna challenge ehr someday..tsk tsk tsk with the rate i'm eating its reli gna b VERY soon (: bless u!!