Friday, June 20, 2008

update of the update...

the answer is JUNE 30th and it's final!! i have another week of break..i shall truly cherish this whole week before i start studying again after a loooooooong......break..not that long if this goes on, my brain's seriously gonna malfunction..

i've got my timetable..i'm so glad and i thank God the time slots are just transport problem..not really clashing with my sister's timetable..phew..and it's pretty relaxing for a start..and i have no class on fridays!! hehe..IF and ONLY IF there are no changes..

so i guess..that's all i have to say for now..

p/s. oh yeah, watched get smart last night..nothing much about the storyline but it's really 2 movies on my list are prom night and the happening.. =)