Tuesday, September 08, 2009

clueless and frustrated....

my dog has got an issue recently.. for about 2 weeks or more.. i don't know what's wrong with her.. she wants me or my sis or both of us to accompany her during her meal times.. she expects us to sit right next to her every time she eats, or at least stand there like pillars and watch her finish her food.. she leaves her food unfinished as soon as she realises we left her.. i should probably call that mental issue or psychology problem.. sometimes, it's because of lightnings and thunders or fireworks outside (which is normal for her to get terrified) but other times, there really isn't anything outside..

oh dear..if and only if i understand dog language.. i can't be accompanying her during all her meal times for the rest of her life and i really don't wanna get her pampered.. i'm really clueless of what to do.. i've given her a cold shoulder throughout the whole of today and i'll try to do the same tomorrow hoping she would understand why i did it.. i sometimes feel like breaking down seeing her like that.. it's so frustrating.. tonight, she didn't touch a single bit of her rice because she was so terrified by the faraway thunder sound, not even when i softly asked her to her bowl.. all she did was watch me from under the car.. it's like i have to beg her to eat the food i prepared for her..

save me from this misery... is she sick or what?? but it's not as though she has no appetite to eat.. i'm really clueless.. all i can do now is just pray that she would be fine again.. i guess prayer is the only remedy now.. that's all for now.. till then..