Wednesday, September 02, 2009

misery..observed by a place and a new friend found..

do you know what's the most miserable thing in my life right now? it's the fact that i'm studying history again and it really stinks.. the lecturer gave us an open-book quiz today.. he only gave us really brief notes and good thing my sis has the text book so i borrowed it from her.. there were 2 essay questions which required not less than 500 words EACH which means 1000 words within 1 hour 30 minutes. i did think it was possible but of course it wasn't.. i read the question, opened the book and i wasn't even sure what to copy.. thank God i met a new friend and she helped me.. the quiz started at 2pm, due at 3.30pm but i only managed to submit it at 4pm.. the question paper did say that if we fail to fulfill the requirements or hand in more than 10 minutes late, 2.5marks will be deducted.. this quiz carries 10% for the finals.. 50 marks per question, which means, i am left with 7.5% = 75 marks.. and i just realised that i forgot to write my student id number on my answer script.. darn.. how many more marks gone, i don't know but it's disappointing and somehow bothered me when i was driving though it is so not important.. i've tried to put in so much effort yet i got penalised at the point i handed it in..

it's been a long time since i last wrote so many malay words in 2 hours.. a malay essay.. since spm about 2 years i couldn't write 500 words for the second question though due to time constraint and clueless of the answer script was only 1 piece of narrow lined test pad, front and back..enough to fit 500 words in one page..the second page was only half or three quarters filled up.. history has been my enemy since standard 5 when kajian tempatan had some history elements in it.. i already knew history is not for me.. i battled with it, struggled through till spm, bid farewell and i so hate to meet it again now.. i just can't bear to study history anymore but i have to try my best to put away this hatred for the next few months..

as i was on my way to fetch my sis from college, i stopped at a traffic light which just turned red..first in's a cross junction and i knew it would take some time for the light to turn green so i quickly sms-ed my friend to tell her that i've left college and when i put my phone aside, guess who was outside staring at me?? a traffic police !!! on his motorbike..OOPS..! i quickly looked away, act all focused on the road, worried he would fine me..thank God he just sped off when the light went green.. phew.. huge relief.. i wonder if sms-ing when the car is stationary at the traffic light is a road offence? my dad said it's not when the car is stationary.. then the police must have hoped i continued sms-ing when the car moves and that for sure will never happen..for now at least? i really don't unless i need to and that's when the car's stationary..

back home, my sis and i decided to go for a jog in polo ground cause i realise i really need to exercise.. wanted to play badminton, but no shuttlecocks..then my bro suggested we should go to a field nearby which we weren't really sure where.. so off we went.. me,sis and crystle-my dog..took quite a number of wrong turnings..made big rounds and we finally found the place..a really nice place with a jogging/cycling track, playground and gym-like equipments.. wow..!! it's my first time seeing colourful gym-like equipments just like the swings and slides in the playground but they're really exercising equipments..

crystle released some poop while she was chained somewhere on the grass.. a lady was there looking so my sis quickly grabbed a small plastic bag from the ground to pick it up while i went to get some tissues from the car and remembered there were no more tissues in the car so i took the maxis broadband brochure which had been lying on the dashboard since pc fair..tapao-ed the poop and threw it into the dustbin.. it's my first time tapao-ing my dog's poop..haha..anyway, i now know where to lose some fats.. a lot i mean.. haha.. a much more convenient place to go to..

back to the new friend i've mentioned.. some people, they're just so easy to be good friends with while some will always be the hi-bye friend.. i met this new friend, she's so nice,helpful and friendly and i'm excited to be closer friends with her.. and i'm really happy to know that she's a christian too cause i don't really get to meet christian friends in college except those in cf..she has a totally different background compared to mine and i feel blessed as i listened to her story..and i hope i won't regret being friends with her one day because i've met a few whom, after knowing them for a period of time, i stepped back because i felt i should and i think i tend to mix with the wrong people..i hope and i believe it won't happen this time though.. well, at least i gained something through pengajian malaysia class - a new friendship which made it more worthwhile for me to attend the classes..

i tried to keep this short but there's just too much in mind..different colours indicate different's ok if you didn't read it cause i will read it again someday.. that's all for now.. till then !!

p/s. everyone knows i LOVE tweety and everyone knows i HATE history..