Sunday, September 20, 2009

no one knows...

i received a shocking news today in church, over the phone when my dad told me that our opposite neighbour passed away.. the one who lived directly opposite my house.. the one whose age isn't consider an old age.. the one who invites us to his house on the first morning of deepavali every year.. he's not really close to me cause we don't talk much except when i go across during deepavali.. but i do give a smile when i see him outside sometimes..

he died of heart attack at 3pm and when we reached home, there were quite many people outside.. i saw his two sons.. one who is still in primary school if i'm not mistaken.. and one just a few years elder than me.. i wonder if they could take it but they looked really tough and seemed all ok from afar.. i wonder how would his wife be able to accept it.. and his mother too..

makes me wonder each time i hear of a friend's death.. what if it's someone close to me? i often fail to appreciate the people around me though i know one day, i'll surely regret it.. i kept reminding myself.. but i still fail to cherish the people i love.. i know, one day, i too will have to learn to face deaths of people close to me but i just hope it won't be too soon..

no one knows what's gonna happen next.. only God knows, for He has a plan designated for each and everyone of us and He knows best..

check this out :

i guess this video should be a reminder to all of us.. to be grateful with what we have.. the ability to see, hear, and speak..

guess that's all for now..till then!

p/s. had only watermelon for dinner for some reasons.. and felt hungry after 2 hours thus drank milo.. haven't drank the 3 in 1 milo at home since a very long time ago... i wonder what bad can excessive intake of watermelon do to someone??


Jean said...

nice of you to share the video! hapy raya!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)