Sunday, April 05, 2009

another great, fun and memorable day....

it was another great, marvellous, wonderful and memorable day mentioned in the previous post..i went to kl by train for the first time..the departure time was at 9am and indeed, it's very punctual..

my sister, her friends and her lecturer planned a trip to kl by ktm and i decided to tag along and meet my friends in kl instead..and my bro tagged along as well..

ktm.. the train..haha..

our superior class coach cause economy tickets to kl were sold out so we went by the superior class and came back by the economy class..18 bucks for superior and 10 for economy..

the front..

and inside.. the seats were quite confortable..

and pretty spacious too...

what makes the extra 8bucks more worthwhile was...

the lcd tv...hehe..and they were playing RV, starring jojo and robin williams..missed a quarter of the show in the beginning though..

should have brought some cards to play with..hehe..


then came a few people pushing a trolley selling some food and drinks..

my brother bought a cup of coffee...only 1 buck..not bad..

the additional 8bucks for superior class also covers other shows such as mr bean the animated series (2 episodes..)

and penguin documentary..i love penguins...hehe

we reached kl sentral at about 12.15pm..approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes..i really enjoyed the journey and it was too enjoyable to sleep..even if i did, i think it was only for a few minutes..

no idea what was happening there in sentral but there were cameras...

queueing for tickets to midvalley..hehe..

as we were walking towards the platform, my brother knew the ktm has arrived so we rushed there only to see....

the train was fully packed with people..i was actually wondering why were these people looking and popping their heads out of the train until we were close to the train..the door could barely we waited for the next train..

somehow, my brother and i headed to toys 'r' us while waiting for caryn to used to be my siblings' and my favourite hangout place in every shopping complex which has it and i would usually go to the barbie dolls section..didn't realise when i stopped visiting toys r us to see the barbie dolls..
i saw this doll in a transparent showcase thing with a hole enough to fit my hand in and it says "try me"'s quite a heavy doll..

it's sitting on a potty and it wears a diaper..

what fascinated me were these..

they actually sell "real diapers" for dolls and even food??and it seems that the food can be excreted by the dolls..i really wonder nowadays do actually practise parenthood..a good training to be future parents??lol..

then a girl suddenly approached me and asked if i wanna be a member of toys r us and the membership is free..all i had to do was just fill up the registration form..well, i wouldn't decline a free membership card and i was really attracted to the beautiful card..

it's a lifetime membership but to activate the points accumulation, i gotta first spend rm80 and above..well nothing's really free..but there's no expiry to it all so well, who knows when i need it, this will come to use..and a rm10 voucher will be rewarded for every 250 points accumulated ( rm1=1 point)..i really love the colour and the design of the card..hehe

a...whale?? on the idea why's it being exhibited.. forgot to find out..

then came caryn, ben and surprisingly, feels so great to meet up again like how we used to before college and uni started last year..those were the days..and it feels so nostalgic..

we headed to...carl's jr? for our lunch..the burgers were, BIG...and the fries were, FAT..thick i mean..haha.

i had carl's catch fish sandwich? can't remember the's so filling that my stomach felt so bloated and suffocated after that..oh, i forgot to say, it was yummy..both the burger and fries taste really good..

went to pets wonderland with hopes that i could touch the dogs there and it came true..there were 2 siberian husky, a german shepherd and a pug running about outside the cage..all puppies..siberian husky puppies are so so adorable!! and i'm happy i managed to touch them..hehe..

i bought a pink guitar pick first pink pick..forgot to snap a picture of it..

edmund left early so we quickly found a spot to snap a picture..we really hardly get to meet up in a group like this now..

there's supposed to be a fountain

1 picture's not we found another place..

aiks..the people on the right..kacau only..haha..couldn't crop it out cause the whale's head is there..

walk walk walk and walk till it was time for dinner..caryn was desperate to get her fainted phone charged so we looked for a place where we could eat and use the plug..and we stepped into errr... chopstick noodle house??

we wondered if this thing actually works and the lady said it does and she said most places have it now..haha..i think we sounded very

calamansi juice and ice lemon tea...i had a lot of ice lemon tea yesterday including the big cup at carl's jr..

this is.. prawn with preserved vegetables ramen...tasty..

what's this? idea..don't know what ramen..the vegetables in it were gobbled up by ben already..

the dessert which came with the set..don't know call bean?lol..

sichuan hot and sour ramen..very unique taste..

yay..time to eat..hehe..simply wanted a candid shot of others....

too bad i couldn't really take my time to savour the food since it was getting late at about 8.30pm..

and here comes the bill..haha..

i really wished 9pm didn't and wouldn't come at all..i wanted more time in midvalley with my friends..but that was not possible..we headed back to the ktm station at 9pm and went back to sentral and met with my sister and her friends to board the 9.45 pm train..economy class this time..

the main differences were of course the space and the seats..and there was no tv..

the seat was much harder compared to the superior class one..barely felt any cushioning..but it was still fine..

the row pf people sitting in front of us kept staring at me, i don't know brother said that they probably came out from a village and i thought, it's either we looked like we came out of the village or they did..haha

a smooth journey back home..i was dead tired after a whole day walking but it's really surprising that i barely slept throughout the journey..earphones plugged in my ears and somehow, pictures of midvalley and the things that happened kept playing in my head..

i couldn't sleep.. the events just kept playing in my head..or was it because the lights in the ktm were too bright?? or was it because of the ONE sip of starbucks ice blended coffee?? i don't drink coffee but i doubt one sip could be that powerful to stop me from sleeping..haha..i don't know..i only slept for a very very short while after being wide awake for 2 hours..

my sister got me this pair of lovely earings and i love it..i didn't buy anything else though..too much money spent on the tickets and food..good thing my dad sponsored us on food.. but it wasn't enough to cover two meals though..

we reached ipoh at about 1am..also approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes..i thought i'll sleep as soon as i reached home..but surprisingly i still felt pretty wide awake so my sister and i watched an episode of the recorded tvb drama, phoenix rising and slept at about's surprising too that i didn't feel sleepy at all in church this morning..could it be the power of that 1 sip of coffee??haha..

thanks caryn, ben and edmund for sparing some time to come out and get together and ben can now sign up to be midvalley's tour guide..haha.i like it how we so "selamba-ly dined in the two places we had our we walked floor by words could express how happy i i missed this feeling..i wonder when will we be able to do this again..i'm really looking forward to our next yess!! hehe..

it's truly a blessing to have two blessed great days's too joyous..too memorable..i haven't had it for some time's time to get back to my books soon and classes resume tomorrow..

till then..


p/s credits to my brother for some of the pictures...and thanks for accompanying me to kl, otherwise i wouldn't be able to go either..


Caryn said...

YAY!!! pictures!! I'm relaly glad too can spend time with you guys.. I wish we had more pics tho = D...
anwyays.. can't wiat for the next hang out!!!! = D

thanks a lot for teman-ing me = D