Thursday, April 23, 2009

sleep deprivation...

taken from a magazine :

One of the most troublesome effects of sleep deprivation is the inability to realise just how tired you are. Recognise the warning signs :

- relying on your alarm clock to wake you every day
- waking feeling unrefreshed
- being short tempered and easily irritated
- suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness
- needing to re-read the same work over and over again
- having dark circles under your eyes
- struggling to concentrate

does it apply to you?? it definitely applies to me..i seriously have all the warning signs..just that some of them ain't as serious..oh darn..i'm suffering from sleep deprivation already..i know i need to practise a healthy sleeping lifestyle and get sufficient sleep..i just cant..the will's not strong enough..i SHALL try...

check this out to find out what kind of sleeper you are :
Sleep Profile Quiz


tangsueean♥ said...

it so does apply to me!! all the signs!! haha