Tuesday, April 07, 2009

how many legs are there??

try this :

there are seven girls on a bus..
each girl carries seven bags...
each bag has seven big cats..
and each big cat has seven little cats..
(assuming each cat has 4 legs..)

simple, isn't it?? can you get it? post your answer under 'comments' section and i'll reveal the answer later..


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1115 said...

240 legs???

Eunice said...

haha..nope...try again?

pismayka said...

haha is this a trick question or wat? haha my guess is 210?

Eunice said...

haha..nope..no trick at all..quite straightforward..jz gotta read the question carefully... not 210..hehe..

cassandratangsueean said...
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cassandratangsueean said...

238 :D

Eunice said...

238? nope..hehe..finally i see a familiar figure...238 was my initial answer i tink..but that's not the answer..hehe..try again..

cassandratangsueean said...

14 lol xD

cassandratangsueean said...

or 42 lol i'm not gonna give up guessing xD keke

Eunice said...

haha..why 14??? 42?? why la? haha...still wrong..dun guess..count..i noe lost sheep sure can do it!! lol..

tangsueean said...

total L=14+28+196=238legs!


14 cause i only counted girls leg lol
42 cause total of girls leg and big cat's leg

aiya i give up la xS faster post the answer!! hehe

Eunice said...

lol...read carefully...!! dun give up so fast.. u sure can get it 1...read line by line carefully..surely u've missed out something...

Caryn said...

I think it's 1582 legs...

or 1584 (plus the driver)
please tell me i'm correct..
i got maths paper 2moro..if i dun get this.. so sad la.lol

tangsueean♥ said...

rawrrr!! dont want guess adi dont want count adi!!

wait for your answer better :P


Caryn said...

gosh yi wah.where ru???lol
waiting for ur answer..
i'm correct..rite? = P


tangsueean♥ said...

lol eunice please let caryn's answer be correct and end caryn ad my agony of waiting!! haha :P wahaha

Eunice said...

haha..so funny la both of you..lol..! i was in class so impossible i was here..

caryn, no driver la..oni 7 girls on the bus..and nope, dat's not the answer...still far from the answer..hehe...try again??

lost sheep oh lost sheep..haha..how can u give up so fast?? read line by line and count slowly...sure can get 1 leh..i can so why cant u?haha

wow..i tink the comments on this post break record already!! hehe

jnwk said...
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jnwk said...

ok, read the question wrongly. The answer should be 10990.


correct? :>

tangsueean♥ said...

7girls = 14 legs
7 big cats =28 legs
7x7small cats= 49small cats = 196 legs
total legs = 14+28+196 = 238 legs!!

eeyer tell la i really give up liao :(

unless there was no little cats, cause either the cats are male or kittens havent born out yet..lol in that case the number of legs would be 14+28=42..which is not the answer either..ish lost sheep sis faster tell!!!

tangsueean♥ said...


tangsueean♥ said...

=__= eunice lee yi wah..why i so dumb wan?

Eunice said...

haha..yeah..!! the answer has been revealed..lol..it's 10990..hehe..

bravo jnwk!!! haha. dunno bout ur equation thingy..too lazy to check..final answer's more important..no reward too bad..hehe..

sue ean did u actually get it urself or u saw the answer adi ?haha..u're not dumb la...u just didnt read the question properly..hehe..interesting?? gd try anyway..haha..i got 238 before also...shows it's normal..haha..

Caryn said...

i use the same method wert....
lazy to count d la..
tsk tsk

Eunice said...

haha..why la caryn sounds so dissatisfied??haha..kk..elt me show u..gd ting i still have the so called working..haha

girls = 14 legs

7 bags X 7 girls = 49 bags
49 bags X 7 big cats = 343 big cats
343 X 4 = 1372 legs

big cat = 1372 legs

343 big cats X 7 = 2401 small cats
2401 X 4 = 9604

small cat = 9604 legs

total : 14 + 1372 + 9604 = 10990

get it?hehe..

tangsueean♥ said...

lol i saw a very much bigger answer so i read again, then i count again then i post the answer only see the answer is the same haha wei i so not observant laa and so dumb

Eunice said...

haha..u're not dumb la...it's normal..it's tricky in a way maybe?..u gave up fast only..haha..not that i got the asnwer so fast also..anyway, u still managed to work it out!! hehe.. so, gd job lost sheep!!

pismayka said...

lol haha. oh n btw, da sentence '1 big cat has 7 lil cats' really makes it sound like each big cat's pregnant with 7 lil kitties.

n cekap man u all can get da answer. haha. oh btw, hu's jnwk? izit joyce ar?

Eunice said...

err..1 big cat has 7 lil kitties? i tot it mmg mean pregnant with 7 kitties??haha..jz dat we count the legs of the cats inside..haha..

no la..jnwk another fren.. not joyce..joyce sesat case 1..post on cbox..haha.. dun let her c dis..but nvm if she does..haha