Monday, August 31, 2009

Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father...

nothing much to update about lately so i'll just post this really old song which caught my attention recently after watching x factor (i think it's my first time hearing it).. the guy sang it really well.. it's a pretty meaningful song..

Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross

and i really love the video below :

i'm not allowed to embed the x factor video so here's the link to it : Click Here

p/s. getting lazier by the day.. trying my best to kick of my laziness.. there goes another week.. another couple of hours of misery in pengajian malaysia for the next two days..oh, and i love the cold weather =)

p/s/s. oh yes ! and i'm into watching x factor all of a sudden.. hehe.. but i still prefer britain's got talent which of all ages and a wider variety of talents..