Friday, April 28, 2006


finally i can online again..don't know what happen to the line when i came back from kl last wednesday.maybe got stroke by thunder..haven't been online for about 12 days!! lol.i think break record already for this year..anyway it's good i can't online too..don't really have time to online..been so stressful since last week..first moral project and this week flooded with add maths's like never ending homework..before i can finish the exercise, teacher gave new exercises..aih..add maths is driving me is also the last day for the two practical teachers who teach me BM and maths..sure gonna miss them though they're not very good..rangers test tomorrow..haven't study at all..not even a word..then 7th coy enrolment..under the hot sun guess dis post is in a i'll stop here for now..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thank God It's Friday..

it's good friday for it's the day we must remember that Jesus died for us on the cross to save each and everyone of us here..i don't mean only today we fact we should remember God's love for us all the all of us know,
John 3:16 says,

For God so loved the world,
he gave his one and only begotten son
that whoever believes in him shall not perish
but have eternal life
so, times of troubles and whenever you face any problems..always remember that God loves and cares for you and i =)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sports Day 2006~

today is my school's 59th annual sports day..everyone gathered at stadium perak early in the morning waiting to enter the stadium..i guess everyone was excited and impatient to enter the stadium..i was kind of excited too as i'm in the red house marching team..we first marked our attendance and then proceeded to our respective places..spectators to their seats..and all marching teams to the back of the stadium to get ready..the opening ceremony was the march pass event..then some speeches were given..we had to stand under the hot sun while the speeches are given..i could feel sweat dripping the march pass and the speeches..then it was the running the aerobics and cheerleading club's performance and then the cheerleading competition..the performances were good..while the events were on..most people were walking here and there "hunting" for was very crowded as usual..there was also a walking event for parents and ex students to take part..teachers ran during the teachers' running's very nice to see how supportive the teachers were though very serious during normal school was the prize giving ceremony..the time which everyone had been waiting for..but too bad red house didn't win marching..i mean we only got 1st runner up..everyone said we could get 1st house got 1st instead..i don't know how could we lose to them..everyone said our marching team was the best among other houses..maybe the judges judge in a different way which i don't know how either...maybe they like their ninja turtles style like my friend said...kind of sad and disappointed...but at least we got second...4th unit rangers marching team won among the uniform bodies..i'm happy for them too though i did not join..*cheers*..congrats and cheers to 7th coy too for winning the 1st runner up prize.. overall i think this year's sports day is a very successful one.i really enjoyed myself..after today no more staying back for marching more going under the got so dark..i consider today a great day and i'm sure gonna miss it =)oh yeah..i can i forget about the overall results..the champion goes to the blue house and the champion from the bottom goes to red surprising are some pictures of the march pass event

Image hosting by Photobucket
this is the 4th unit rangers[champion]'s suppose to be a 4..can you see it?

Image hosting by Photobucket
this is 7th ipoh company[first runner up]...don't ask me what's the formation..i have no idea

Sunday, April 02, 2006


okay it's sunday i always say..weekends are never enough..guess most people had a great time playing april fool watched project superstar result show ..the 2 "R"s are out..rick and i like most and the other i don't like most..i like rick sad he's out..he cried so badly...i don't like have to rush for EST assignment now..totally forgotten bout the bird flu group assignment thing teacher asked to present tomorrow..i only remember bout it last panda rings now..must sleep early tonight so must finish early..that's all for now..