Monday, September 29, 2008

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY..! it's WELL paid off =)

about 2 hours and 5 minutes ago, i sat for my first computer based exam..(it doesn't mean the whole paper is about computer )..and well, the title says it all...i passed !! it's really by God's grace that i passed..everything that happened seemed to be well planned..i knew there's an exam session today some time back but i thought i couldn't get my examination number on time until last thursday i got to know i could actually sit for the exam..i could have studied 1 week earlier..anyway, long story so i'm not gonna write everything in detail here..

i felt it was well planned cause if it's not that i accompanied my friend to the office to enquire about exam stuff, i wouldn't know i could sit for it already..that really put me into dilemma cause i was so not prepared for it..i took my own sweet time studying bit by bit thinking i can't sit for it was really a tough decision..if i don't sit for it, i will have to sit for 2 papers in october which would be even tougher so why not clear 1 paper first..but what if i failed? the very next day was the last day to register and pay for the exam..RM295!!! no joke...the amount of fees for this paper really put me into pressure..i finally decided to sit for the paper assuming it's God's will that i should...only 10 people can sit for the exam and i was the 10th to i think it's really God's will that i sat for it..

it's really a tough time for me for the past few days..i'm glad it's well paid..and i'm so so relieve right's like a really huge boulder removed..the burden's gone(only temporarily)..incase you're wondering, the exam's done on computer and everyone gets a different set of question so there's no copying just like the undang test and right after i exit the exam, my results appears on the screen and will be printed out by the it's really scary..

i shall give myself some break these few days before i start studying again..and i'm so so happy that many friends are back this week for raya break..everyone gets a break except me..i still have classes tomorrow ='(


that's all for now...till then!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

12, 9, 3 and 6 o' clock...u turn..and so on..

wanna know what the title means??'s my driving adventure today..during lunch hour, i fetched my brother from school then we were thinking where to go for lunch..greentown?ok lar..go greentown..turn and turn then i realised i reached the same place where i came from which doesn't lead me to i tried again..something similar happened so i gave about stadium?since quite near..then i don't remember what happened but we finally reached

then we headed to a bookshop to photostat some i was going out of that area..i missed the turning and thought i could turn in front but that doesn't took a slightly bigger round to go i confusing you?nevermind..let's move on..

later in the afternoon..went to fetch my friend to church and no matter how many times i've been to her house, i can never remember the route cause there are way toooooo many roundabouts and i'm seriously bad at roundabouts..i can never remember the this time..i went straight on till i miss a turning and so again i made a bigger round.probably i'm too computerised that when i enter a usual route..that's where i'll go..

after was already 8pm and the sky was so dark and i've only driven at night for probably...4 times? quite fun driving at night though so my friend and the car..finding the way out..i purposely made a bigger round to avoid 1 particular junction which i can never cross properly..and guess what? i ended up at that junction!! haha..!! so what could i do?forced to cross properly this time..

oh yeah, about this post's because i've went through all directions go to my friend's house..i reached 3 roundabouts- 1st 12, then 9 then 3 o clock..and to go home..i had to make a 6 o clock turn..haha..

guess that's all about my driving adventure today..let's rewind....

went to lumut and pangkor last wednesday and came back sick till today...*sob*..why oh why..but i'm the cause of it..long story..i'm too stubborn that i made it worse..first sore throat..then add flu and slight fever..then flu and sore throat till this morning..flu flew away but cough it's cough and sore throat now..

help me!! i really need my voice for tomorrow!!

and oh yeah, after coming back from lumut and pangkor..i actually broke my own personal record cause i slept at 10pm!!! i don't know how long ago that happened..but it's really nice that when i woke up, though i didn't feel like it, there is satisfactory knowing i've quite sufficient sleep..

so i guess that's all for now..i hope i didn't bore you

p/s. my throat feels like it's gonna burst lungs and stomach aches when i cough..and i'm paying so many visits to the toilet due to too much water...sigh..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

videos of NICK CHUNG at ipoh breeze cafe...

here are the videos of NICK's performance that night..

Xie Xie Ni

Qin Ai De Ni Zai Na Li

Lao Hai Gui

Tu Bian

Peng You Chu Qu Zhou Zhou

i recorded the last song, but sadly, somehow it got missing =(..i think i accidentally deleted's a video of the same song i found on youtube uploaded by QQalexyoong

Ai Ni Jiu Deng Yu Ai Zi Ji

p/s. if the videos are not so on it, watch on youtube and click "watch in high quality"..
reminder : pause the playlist on the right before it interrupts the videos..and i actually recommend you to watch it on youtube for higher quality ones...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nick Chung at Ipoh Breeze Cafe...(dreams REALLY come true..)

7th September 2008 (a delayed post)...hehe..i've finally met NICK CHUNG again!!! he rarely comes to ipoh so no matter what i must go and support him that day at breeze cafe..truthfully, i didn't even know such cafe existed till i had to look at the google earth excited as i was, i packed everything i wanted him to sign.anyway, it was scheduled that he'll be coming at 9.30 pm so i left home at about 8.30pm.

my sister accompanied me there since it was so late and i had no idea how the atmosphere would be there at night..crowded??stuffy??a lot of people clubbing?? it was in fact the opposite..i reached there at about 8.50pm and i was really worried that i was late and couldn't get a good place with good view..someone approached us at the entrance and i asked for a place closest to the stage where NICK was going to perform then they showed me a table..somewhere in the middle but maybe not too bad..(i was actually disappointed that the palces were i wished i could just stand in front of the stage to capture perfect pictures..

before we sat at the pointed place, the waiter said "i'm sorry, that place is already booked by someone you mind sitting there?".."there" referred to another table closest to the stage..and i was like, SURE i don't mind!!! (but i sort of hid my happiness..just incase..)..i really felt that this place was reserved for me..God knew i wanted the best spot so i guess He reserved the place for me..God provides even when i didn't really ask for it..

forgot to snap a picture of the's what we ordered to avoid being "shoo-ed" by the workers honey lemon which cost me RM5 per glass...RM5.50 to be exact..not cheap but not too expensive least lasted me till the end of the event..

it didn't really look like this..haha..before it was stirred..

back to the atmosphere, the weather was so fine, windy, cooling as we sat different compared to standing among the crowd waiting for your favourite singer to appear..not long later, one of nick's fanclub member's the first time we actually met up..yay!! at least got a fan of him to enjoy the event with me..her name's jasmine..a pretty young and cute girl..

then i wanted to test my camera to see which mode suits best so i captured this..

a really tiny stage isn't it?? they were singing before NICK came..and the red shirt guy thought i was interested in taking their pictures so he said "must get ready first, let us pose a peace sign..." just laughed thinking, " i'm just testing my camera "..haha

the empty tiny stage awaiting NICK...he appeared from the carpark door and entered breeze cafe but i was too busy checking my camera so i only saw the manager, sis saw NICK instead..i thought he would perform at 9.30pm but i was wrong..he went in breeze cafe until about nearly 10pm only appeared...

nicely done by jasmine to be presented to NICK...i can't really remember what it says it..haha

the long awaited moment finally came..NICK came out and sang his new song "Xie Xie Ni"

i had the best seat but still it wasn't good enough to capture good pictures because it was quite dark..

so i recorded his performance instead, since video can record clearer further..will post the videos in a separate post when i've uploaded all of it on youtube..


Zhong Sheng Zhong...

then he sang another new song "Qin Ai De Ni Zai Na Li"..then a song from his previous album, "Lao Hai Gui" written by lin yu zhong..somewhere in the middle when he was singing lao hai gui, people started blocking me and more and more people stood at the steps of the stage to snap pictures...

so of course, i did the same after so many did...even better..hehe..

yes!! a much more close up picture..

and another...


looks almost the same..

i kept missing the shot when he looked at my camera..argh...

lol..NICK looking at someone else's camera...his eyes are really good at searching for cameras and allowing people to snap a good picture of him but as i said, i'm a bad photographer so i missed it each time he looked and smiled =(

almost there...

finally a picture which he was kinda looking at my camera...whee...!!

he also sang "Tu Bian", "Peng You Chu Qu Zhou Zhou" and leehom's "Ai Ni Jiu Deng Yu Ai Zi Ji"..i recorded all the songs but somehow the last one was missing, i don't know why..maybe i accidentally deleted it..what a was an acoustic version..played by alex (someone), live!!

i'm really glad he sang SO many songs despite the limited time he had..

autograph session...

NICK talking to jasmine...

then it was my turn..gosh i had so much for him to sign..3 posters, 3 albums and a vcd, and the photo i snapped with him last year..

as he was signing this photo...he suddenly said "oh, wo ji de ni la.." means i remember you...and i was like, "ji de ah??haha.."..he laughed was recorded by my sister too..funny though..but come to think of it, i should have asked him more questions like, "really? did i give you a shock" and so on but it's too late..anyway, i chose to keep the video P&C so if you wanna see it, come to my house and i'll consider about it..

sign sign sign...then a picture..!!hehe..

more and more people started buying his albums and let him sign after that..this shows his live performance is really good and effective till many people were attracted to buy his albums..i bought the mv dvd since that's like the only 1 i haven't bought and it's hard to find anywhere now..then i went for a second round for his autograph..

my sister suggested i let him sign on the cd itself too so i did and i brought all the bookmarks given in his album to him to be signed..he's seriously one superbly patient artist with a very patient manager as well..he could sign as many autographs as you want till you feel guilty about it for holding the queue for so long and his manager, alvin wouldn't mind at all unlike some who would say "er, no you can't let him sign this part...that part...not the postcard..bookmark..etc.." he really has a caring manager..why didn't i grab the opportunity to NICK more??

then we had another picture together...hehe..

peace..! but i think i still prefer last year's picture...hehe..

few minutes before he left..everyone grabbed the opportunity to snap a picture with him..the one on his right is alex if i'm not mistaken...a good guitarist..

a picture with NICK and jasmine...if only we could have a bigger group picture but i'm satisfied too..hehe

yeah.. NICK left..jasmine and i had a picture together..a new friend found!!hehe

so that was the end of the event that night..ended at about 11pm or i wish it lasted longer..

came home excited about everything..started laying all my collection of NICK CHUNG and snapped pictures of it..

the latest poster...can you see the autograph at the bottom right corner??i really wanted my name to be written on it but a bit troublesome cause i asked for too many!!haha..

spot the black marker ink at the bottom right corner..

my full collection of NICK CHUNG's proud of it..hehe..every piece signed except for the 2 bookmarks which were laminated last year cause i didn't know when i would meet him on the picture for larger view..

a clearer view of all the albums.. and bookmarks on the right..

see the cd??it's signed..!hehe..

if only he signed the posters and albums with a silver would have looked nicer but nevermind..i should be thankful that i got to meet my favourite singer once again!!

i'll post the videos on my next post so check it out later...

3 cheers to NICK ZHONG SHENG ZHONG for the great performance that night!!

if you don't know about me meeting NICK last's a link to that post..
scroll all the way down and you'll see it..

p/s. sorry, this post is meant to be LLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG.....

till then!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nick Chung's latest album - Cherish My Love

Nick Chung
钟盛忠 's new album titled Cherish My Love was released on August 17th, 2008..this is definitely a must buy album!! it's a compilation album which consists of 3 new songs and 12 selected songs from previous's the list of tracks in this album :


1. 親愛的你在哪裡 ( 情人愛 ) [Qin Ai De Ni Zai Na Li]
2. 謝謝你 ( 朋友愛 ) [Xie Xie Ni]
3. 我很認真 ( 生命愛 ) [ Wo Hen Ren Zhen ]
4. 突變 [ Tu Bian ]
5. 老海龜 [ Lao Hai Gui ]
6. Can U C Me ?
7. 坦白 [Tan Bai ]
8. 發生什麼事 [Fa Sheng Shen Me Shi ]
9. 朋友出去走走 [Peng You Chu Qu Zhou Zhou ]
10. 經典 [ Qing Dian ]
11. 紫藍色天 [Zi Lan Tian Se ]
12. 愛有靈犀 [ Ai You Ling Xi ]
13. 在你左右 [ Zai Ni Zhuo You ]
14. 風鈴 [ Feng Ling ]
15. One For You One For Me ( On 時尚眼鏡主題曲 )

the first 3 songs are the new songs and are really meaningful..

inside the album consists of a booklet with pictures and lyrics and 2 beautiful bookmarks..

behind the cd box and inside the booklet...

this is the.....5th album i bought of his yet it's only my second poster..all because ipoh seldom get the poster stock so this time i waited till i went to penang and searched high and low for cd outlets which sell his album with the poster given..i first went to queensbay mall but the cd outlets i went didn't seem to know the existence of his new album...then the next day i went to prangin mall and gurney's either, only 1 cd left or out of stock!! but no posters were given eitehr..funny isn't it?first no one seem to know about his new moment, it's sold out..

in the end, my mum helped me find out in a cd outlet in ipoh parade and was told that it's available with poster..problem solved!! near yet so far..i didn't know they would have it..haha..after searching high and low in penang, i came back here to buy...LOL...

anyway, this album is really worth buying cause it costs only rm29.90 with discounts given depending on where you're buying it and guess what? nick's coming to ipoh breeze cafe on sunday night at 9.30pm!! finally he's here for his album promo unlike the last time where i could just keep my fingers crossed to have a picture with him and get his autographs..there's confirm an autograph session this time!

the album and the poster as well...

if you're interested, go to ipoh breeze cafe on sunday night at 9.30pm.. ( it's just near mgs and the star office )...

that's all for now..till then!

p/s. i don't really like posting so many updates in such a short period of time..but this i must really post is surely gonna be a LONG one cause i'm gonna meet nick this sunday!!! sorry for the long updates...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Evan Cai Ming You Live in Gurney Plaza

here's a more detailed post about evan yo's album promo event in gurney plaza as mentioned in the previous post..

this poster finally caught my attention after seeing it for SO many times and then i realised he was coming on the very same day...i realise i've seen several artistes several times in gurney plaza..first, gurmit singh, then andrew tan (ATQ 1st runner up) but had no guts to stop him to snap a picture cause i wasn't sure that was him, then some models - amber chia, steve yap and alan yun and now evan yo..

click on it for larger says 7pm alfresco area..

alfresco area??i've never even heard of it so my dad asked the information counter and then we knew it's outside near starbucks coffee..there we went..

it was past 7pm so the crowd was already quite huge that i couldn't really get a good spot and the security guards were strict about us standing in the way of the restaurants there to avoid disturbance in people's business..

i stood at the front row of the really really side part of it..

awaiting the arrival of evan..and i wondered who's the emcee holding the my fm microphone..which dj could that be? i recognise most of the my fm djs cause it's one of my favourite radio channels but i couldn't recognise this one..

nvm..snap his pic first incase i know you see?the specky guy in white..i suspected he's jason..

there! that's jason!!! one who's got a unique distinctive voice..the moment i heard his voice, i was sure he's jason..looks different compared to usual though..

he's finally here..artistes just can't help being late..but not too late..the first song he sang was "wo hui lai le"..his live performance improved compared to the time i saw him on tv..

singing "stay with me"...

poor jason blocked by the spot light..

credits to my brother for this and the next few pictures below..

since i didn't buy his album..i left after he sang all the songs..this dark blur picture captured by me as i was leaving and afraid of being shoo-ed by the guards..evan was snapping picture with the crowd if you observe carefully =)

not a big fan of him but used to like his songs from the previous album very much..somwhow lost track of his new songs but when i heard him sing i was like, "oh, this song...his song ah? so different.." are the videos of his performance which took me ages to upload..

wo hui lai le...

stay with me..(yeah very shaky..i had to lift the camera really high to record cause there were too many people and i was too short..haha...

not sure what's the title of this you know?tell me if you do..much better right this video?cause it's recorded by my brother..yeah yeah..poor photographer i am..sorry, there's not beginning in this video cause we were busy trying to capture a good picture of jason but failed cause he was blocked by the spotlight most of the time!! haha..

so that's all about evan's promo event in gurney plaza and i just wanna say, i saw evan cai ming you !!!...till then!