Friday, June 30, 2006

open day

it's open day today.the prefects did a spotcheck on us too after assembly..all of a sudden they do a spot check on us.maybe they're blue books are too empty so they just wanna fill it up with names.luckily i brought my rule book.almost didn't wanna bring it when i was packing my smaller nothing can't find anything from me..the best part of open day is we can go home early after taking our report cards.came home at around 11am.surprisingly not much comments about thought my form teacher will give bad comments..anyway..everything he say was just crap..some make sense and helpful though..about future studies..talking about future studies..there's an exhibition in the hall today.people from various colleges came to distribute brochures and forms for further enquiries..i just simply collected the brochures which ever i think is interesting as i'm really not sure what i wanna do in future..what should i do?

P/S will add in more when i remember what i wanna write

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The "Nightmare" Begins...

we have just got our new school timetable and it's seriously killing me..before this..we have only 1 period of maths every day and we would at least have 3 skill practices to have 2 periods of maths on is so tiring and lot of homework given to us..the worse part of the timetable is..on monday,after assembly it will we chemistry then maths and after that add maths..on tuesday..after recess,double periods of chemistry..double periods of maths and 1 period of add maths..why must these 3 subjects stick together??can't they be separated?and on modern maths no add maths.argh!!this is so insane..and we have a new teacher too..i think i shall not mention which subject..she came in for the 1st time yesterday..i have no words to describe her..speechless.i can remember clearly how she insulted my school just because the passing marks set for my school is low..that doesn't mean our papers are easy..that particular subject is gonna be so miserable and fearsome..

Biology project!!we're all suppose to hand in this friday..and guess what?i have only done 2 pages and a half..terrible right?lol..i know..caused by two factors..firstly,im usuall..secondly..i don't know what to's a group project but the folio is to be submitted individually..troublesome..the funny thing is..only my class has biology project..isn't it unfair?well..what to do,my class teacher is a biology teacher..he must have volunteered our class to the school for the project...anyway..i guess i got to go now..lots of homework undone..the weeks to come are gonna be so tough and busy and lots of work..that's all for now

Saturday, June 24, 2006

How Time Flies

i was 15 and now i'm already time flies..getting older every day..but i shall be thankful and praise God that i'm able to live for another year..nobody knows what will happen tomorrow..anyway..i had a great birthday this gets greater every year.hehe.received lots of presents and some cards in school yesterday..glad to have all my friends who are so thoughtful and creative.even a lil girl in my cellgroup gave me a bracelet.i was so surprised.whether it's nice or not,it's the thought that counts..not the price not the looks..i received a big pink heart shape pillow with a baby tweety on it..that's the biggest one..body shampoo, i that smelly?just kidding..bookmarks..keychain, wind chime and so on..well, i feel quite bad for not asking my friends out on my birthday..kinda lazy and got to go for tuition..maybe i'll do it next year...blew the candles and cut my cake last night..didn't really make any wishes..just couldn't think of that a good or a bad thing?.went out for dinner in moven peak just mum spent us..hehe..not bad..first time i tried the food there..just came back from ipoh parade..erm..i think i lost my words again.forgot what i wanted to thank God for blessing me with all my friends and family who made my birthday a really great one..this is one of the best birthday i ever had!!^_^
-46minutes to June 25th-

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Here's a picture of my cake..just a simple and plain chocolate sponge cake..and sad to say..1 big candle and 6 small

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This is one of the many meaningful gifts i received..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rangers Camp 2006

Just came back from rangers camp today..i think i have lots to write here but where shall i start?it's a leisure camp but not fully leisure..maybe half training.we have 1 merit card for each patrol.when we do something good such as volunteering to help,winning in games, then we'll get merit points.otherwise we'll get dimerits. i'll just start from the 1st day..

1st day, friday, 16th june: started at about 5..started with role call..the shortest and fastest role call it was about to we quickly sang the world song with full speed and got ready for the cooking competition.oh yeah, by the way, we're divided into 4 patrols.namely, kim-chi, spaghetti, chapatti and in the kim-chi patrol(korea!!)..hehe..we were supposed to cook 5 dishes for the cooking competition..we cooked sweet and sour chicken, steam beancurd, brocolli and carrot, omelette, tomyam soup and made our own dessert.the cooking was not bad..i had stomach ache the next it the food not clean or is it jz something wrong with myself?

after dinner we cleaned up a little while.and play games..the 1st game was flag drawing competition.each patrol was given a white cloth and we were supposed to design our own flag for our patrol didn't bring water colour so we had to use other patrol's.very limited pencils provided..good thing 1 of my patrol members is good in art..we didn't win though..not that we played Scavenger Hunt where we have to find the things listed in the paper and show it to any of the leaders to get signatures..the patrol with the most signatures wins..after that we played another game,i don't know the name..we were given 5 pieces of newspaper and by stepping on the newspapers we have to cross a certain line by shifting the newspapers without standing on the floor and all of us have to step on the newspaper..i find it very fun..after that we rested for a while..then had our showers and prepared to sleep at about 11.30 (if im not mistaken).though i was really tired but i couldn't sleep.i turned here and there and i still cant legs and hands were alraedy aching.on the first night itself during games time i already felt homesick..miss my home though this is the 4th time i went for camp in school.maybe i'm too sick of camping in school..

2nd day: early in the morning at 5something i woke up when they suddenly on all the lights in the upper hall where we slept..i saw some people taking their towels to bathe.gosh!so early,we have to get up..wanted to sleep more..hehe.. after bathing, we did our morning point bathing..sweat a lot..then we played the same game as the newspaper game but with chairs this time..then we had our breakfast..milo with gardenia buns..the form 5 leaders prepared the we packed our stuff needed to be taken to polo around 8 something,we had hiking.we walked all the way to polo ground..not near you know?so extremely tiring.and we wore our official guide damn hot.we carried our portable stove too.when we arrived,we took out all the stuffs needed and started cooking. my PS(patrol second),doly did the cooking.we cooked baked beans, sausages and meatballs..we had some snacks and junks too..after eating, we played a game called "sei kai" (dead chicken)..i didn't join the game..having stomach ache that time so i don't know what's the game like.

after that we packed our stuffs once more and hiked back to the time we arrived school, our legs were all aching like mad..luckily we were allowed to do anything except bathing while waiting for our lunch.some slept,some ate( i was one of them =p) oh yeah,i forgot to hand in my permission letter for the camp.and the unit leader gave 20 dimerits to each person who did not hand in the letter.for example,if 3 person in a patrol did not hand in their letters, then 60 dimerits will be given.i did not know it's that important.then we had quiz too.our lunch was catered.."nasi ayam masak merah".not the cincau drink didn't taste so good..

after lunch, we changed into our dark coloured shirts for the water games.before the water games, we played a game called blind game where everyone in the patrol is blind folded except two who will guide us to the stations we have to go.this game is really scary..the moment i started walking,holding onto my friend's back..i felt so scared..i couldn't see anything at all..i was so afraid that i might fall at the stairs or somewhere..i kept asking my friend who was not blind folded where we were.all i can do is trust two of them and just listen to wat they said.the silliest thing which happened during this game was when we walked to a classroom,arranged the chairs in a straight line,blind folded. just by listening to my friend's commands.while waiting for the rest to arrange the rest of the chairs,my friend, karen or maybe wen yen (cant remember) asked me to stand aside so that i don't block the rest.all of a sudden someone guided me to a place and asked me to sit.i was blur and i just followed.later when my patrol was leaving, i did not know what was happening and they did not notice that im sitting there quietly.the leaders said "hey u left ur member behind".. oh embarassed..haha..i should have said something..i thought i should just wait for instructions..
through this game, i got to experience the feeling of people who can't see..people in total darkness all the time.for the very first time i've been blind folded and walk around everywhere.i learned that we must trust our friends and be thankful that we are not blind.

we had another station game after that called amazing usual, we were given a clue at every station..the second last station was the water games part..very interesting..we had to find a partner..put an egg in between our foreheads and walk in between strings tied to two benches.we were also given 1 water baloon each to be sat on at the end of the line so that it'll burst..the last station was the questioning part..they will burst a water baloon above our heads for every wrong answer given.we won this amazing race! lol..surprisingly..for 350 merit points for that.we hardly win in games.

after getting wet..we had our showers and next helped to prepare for the gathering night and barbeque..after the barbeque, we had our gathering night.on this gathering night,we were suppose to perform our patrol song and yell and our assigned music video.we were given the title of the song in the morning.i'm not sure of the title but the song goes like this "rain drops keep falling on my head.."that's all i know..haha..we did a real silly thing..doly and my PL(patrol leader) lilitha are most pro in acting.i only became the backup ppl who do silly dances behind with other friends.other patrols did other videos such as my humps by blackeyed peas, the chicken little song by ozone and i forgot the other one.after that we were asked to perform a dance on a nursery ryhme.we got the song "im a little teapot".only had 5 minutes to plan and's the silliest thing embarassing..after all the performances, we sat down and rested and were told to go to bed..all of us were shocked as we thought we were going to have midnight stalking..some leaders told us that.and the other leaders denied it.

we went to sleep at about 11.30.20 minutes later they woke us up for midnight stalking.that's so mean..they forced us to sleep and 20 minutes later they woke us up..i knew they would that.midnight stalking is where we had to find the leaders who are hiding in around the school without any clue.and each patrol is allowed to use only 1's midnight and we have to walk around the school which is very haunted.we had to hold on tight to each other and go together..well,some of my patrol members just don't like to hold on together and walked alone.we could only find 3 stations and 2 of it were told by other God i did not see "anything" i didn't want to see.but before that i think i saw a shadow running when i was washing the plates outside the surau..when i looked around,no one was running..the shadow looked like human..maybe i think too friend kay yen actually saw something near the flag pole and in the dungeon and fell sick after that (kay yen demanded for this,right?=p)..the midnight stalking ended at around 1am and we went back to sleep.

3rd day(last day): we woke up at about 6.35am.we did some morning exercise and next cleaned up the place used for barbeque last night and we were not allowed to bathe.for this i think they're not's really troublesome for the cleanliness to take care of all of us who want to bathe.we had our breakfast,instant noodles with sausages and drank milo.later we packed some of our things and got ready the things we needed for the next game.the next and last game is called wide game. where we look for the leaders outside the school compound with clues given to us.that was a very tiring game.our legs were already aching and we had to walk and run somemore..and some members in my patrol walked too slow and some walked too fast.

we really had fun except for the last station when we returned to school..we were supposed to light up the fire with 3 matches,some firewood and newspaper.above the ground there is a string tied to two sticks and we were to light up the fire till the fire burns the string till it breaks.this part was a total failure.we couldn't do could be due to some who simply fed the fire by just dumping everything into the fire.we ran out of newspaper and matches and got dimerits for asking for more.we were warned though.i inhaled a lot of smoke and some went into my he end the leaders helped us to cheat just to get it over.we finished second but it's nothing to be proud of cause it was by cheating at the last part.the other group didn't succeed either.that was the toughest task of all.

then we packed all our things and changed into our official uniform again to get ready to go home.we donated a lot of left over food to the orphanage behind our school. they announced the patrol won the best yell,most entertaining(all thanks to doly and lilitha),best music video also because of them..erm,that's all i remember for now.the best patrol was the sushi patrol and the one with the most merit points was the spaghetti patrol.

throughout this camp, i really didn't like some of the members that i had to work with but i have no choice..must learn to cooperate with everyone but i just feel that my patrol is not cooperative at all..always disagreeing with each other.none of them wanna give up.but anyway it's finally over..there are good things and there are bad things as usual..overall this camp was fun..i enjoyed it..

what's the difference between rangers camp and 7th coy camp which i went for 3 years?rangers camp is a leisure camp while 7thcoy camp is a training rangers camp we're not timed when we're bathing,we can sleep anywhere in the hall, we're allowed to sit while doing our work, we play lots of games,no gadgets,no camp preparation,no running,just need to walk faster, no inspection,nobody 7th coy camp,it's all the opposite.

anyway,im so glad to be home today..been looking forward to coming back home as home is always the best no matter the common phrase says"home sweet home"

P.S. really sorry that i do not have any pictures taken during camp that i can post here..the cameras belong to the form 5s and my apologies for the grammar errors i made..this a really long

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This is my patrol badge..yup..that's right!it's fort minor.. doly ho's idea (no comments)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back To School

Well..back to school..haven't been online since school reopened..we finally have a new principal..don't know how is she like yet but she seems nice.she also told us about the history of her teaching journey..

How about my mid year exam results?surprisingly it's good..and it's definitely a miracle that has happened once again.. i believe that God must have been guiding me throughout the whole examination cause i myself wouldn't believe my results too..i don't really bother who's better and who's worse than me in long as my results satisfy myself then it's enough.why bother comparing,right? the only one which im quite dissapointed with is BM..i did really badly in the rumusan and essay..crap too much i think..wrote almost one whole page of unnecesary stuff..some teachers are really kind and linient and some would just stick to the marking scheme and reject whatever you give other than what's stated in the marking scheme.teachers who are too strict makes me quite dislike them..but teachers who are too linient makes me feel guilty cause i feel i don't deserve to get such high physics and add maths teachers are really linient. my physics teacher calls himself a santa claus for giving us some marks for certain mistakes we that's all for more "fears" in exam to face for the time being

Lessons are back to usual now..not really used to's been about a month since the last time we had our lessons..but some teachers are still busy with some things.. currently reading a book, A Pack Of Lies by Geraldine McCaughrean. not bad.very's about a man who helps a lady to sell antiques and he tells a story behind each antique but they are all lies..the funniest thing is he told the girl that those are not lies but that another definition for "lie"?

I'll be going for rangers camp tomorrow evening..finally a leisure camp, after suffering for three years in training camp in 7th Coy..this year im in 4th unit rangers already so it's a leisure camp..hope it'll be fun..definitely won't be a torture like past years.haven't pack my stuff yet..why?all because im will do it maybe tonight.coming back on sunday my next post will surely be all about the camp.till then..

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Layout

i'm finally done with my blog's new layout..quite plain but i took so long to get it done.had trouble figuring where to insert this and that..and ended up with some silly deeds at a relief..finally it's ok..i gave my blog a title didn't come from my own it from somewhere..i've change the skin of the cbox too..if you have any comments on the new layout..i hope you'll post it under the "comments" section.

Today is the last day of holiday..back to school tomorrow..face my results..but who cares anyway..i will only start to worry when i see the teachers carrying the papers into the seemed like the two weeks of holidays never came..just too usual, holidays are never enough even if it's a month.i even had a "silly" dream last two nights..i dreamed i got 44 for biology and 50 something for in the world would i dream about results when i didn't even think about it..just weird..if it really comes true for biology,i think it's not so bad cause i think i did really badly..dreams are always weird..some come true and some don't..

I guess i'll stop here for some stuff to do..hope you'll enjoy the new layout ^_^

Under Construction

~This blog is under construction~
will get it done as soon as possible

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just 2 more days

2 more days exclude the weekends and it's time to go back to school..feeling lazy.. yesterday was 06/06/06..did you notice it? i only noticed it late at night..couldn't blog..just came back from kl on monday evening..attended my cousin's wedding dinner..was it nice?well, there were goodthings which happened and also bad things..i think i would choose to post only about the good ones...arrived kl on saturday afternoon..didn't go anywhere..just rot in my uncle's condominium till evening den i went to my cousin's house.. shameful to say..i don't really know her..and all my other second cousins there..i don't know them..i couldn't recognise my relatives..all i could do was just smile at them..haven't seen all of them for a very long time..seems like centuries ago..but it's great to see my young aunt bout the's really big..there's a 8feet deep pond in the middle of the house which is open spaced..the bedrooms are all in a row just like hotel rooms..and the floors are all cemented...very unique indeed..but when i went there..i was telling myself..that place is really not for

the next day was the wedding dinner at sheraton hotel...the place is nice, spacious..the bride is pretty..the groom =) our seats were strategic..close to the entrance door..the food was not bad..service was good..everyone dressed well..and i guess we all felt happy for the bride and groom..overall it was ok =)

when i came back on monday evening..we had our dinner at a coffee shop..erm.i forgot how to spell the name of that place..i spilled a cup of sugarcane *embarassed* i was just trying to shift it aside..i pushed it gently and all of a sudden the cup just toppled over and spilled the sugarcane..that taught me a lesson.."lift up the cup, girl!don't be lazy!" lol..

there goes another page of to cut all the to continue checking my mails..that's all for now =)

P.S. here are some pictures i snapped at 1 utama on sunday..

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cute car isn't it?

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front view of the car.. i like the smile..

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back view "medicated bumper ointment" lol..

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just a cute model made of cardboard..

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Down With 3 "visitors"

i've been sick since always sick during the holidays..can't really enjoy my holidays..but i would rather be sick during the holidays than school days..suffering from cough, sore throat and flu..just hate to be sick..who likes to be sick anyway?lol..especially cough which makes myself so noisy at tuition yesterday.. will be going to kl on saturday..hopefully by then all the 3 "visitors" will go away..currently busy in biology project..getting sick of much to type.luckily my friend helped me to summarise it so i just have to arrange it and type it out..oops..i forgot my words again.. so soon it's already 1st of June..getting older every day...just accept the